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Two console household

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Hi, we experience bad lag when both console are online. Do you have any guidance on what the best settings are for the xr500 on a multi console household? Connection is fine when only one console is online. 

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How much bandwidth do you have available?


Generally it should not be an issue. Make sure uPNP is on. For XR500 you have to set NAT filtering to open sometimes to get Open NAT but it should not give you any lag. I don't know how it is on XR300, on my 700 or R1 I never had to set anything else then uPNP on.

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Qos settings: 

Congestion is on out enable. Both sliders on 70% leaving 350mb download and 28 upload.

Allocation is set to application with just gaming moved up to 20 other are on 10. Same for up and download.

Prioritisation has the dumaos games rule and a rule for each ps5. 

I will have a play with the prioritisation rules. See if that make a difference.


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Have you tried device based allocation?


I have used similar bandwidths (exact same actually) with 2 consoles on XR500 and it should not be an issue.


I prefer device based allocation because application based relies on packet inspection while device based just reserves raw bandwidth. On device based you could also try to set share excess off for a bit and try if that improves things.


Also if you are not gaming on PC swich off the DumaOS Classified games rule and just add both consoles as game console under traffic prioritisation if you don't have that already.

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