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OpenVPN config file failing to connect

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I'm using an Ubuntu virtual machine to host an openvpn server. I've set up the server by running the automated version of this installation (https://github.com/angristan/openvpn-install#faq), which outputs a config file and does not require a username/password from what I understand.

I've pasted the contents of the config file into the Advanced Setup configuration for Hybrid VPN:


However the log shows the following error:


Any advice would be amazing



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Welcome to the forum!

We've had a couple of users try this before and from memory it's not possible through Hybrid VPN, but it should work if you just use the Open VPN desktop client.

Are you able to configure a username and password for the Open VPN server then enter these when configuring Hybrid VPN through the advanced config?

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Hey! Thanks for the response. 

Unfortunately even my PC couldn't connect to the VPN network, but someone suggested I might need to port forward 1194 for openVPN. Will look around for how to do this correctly

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