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Netduma R2 stopped Working

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[ I already made this post in the community discussion a couple of minutes ago before seeing this support poll, so sorry about that] So my netduma R2 has been working fine for a couple of months now. All of a sudden, yesterday it just stopped working. I got no wifi connection at all from it, and only the power light was on. The light right next to the power light would flash for a couple of seconds, and then cut off. All the other lights were completely off. I tried using ethernet, but still got no connection whatsoever and couldn't access the interface. I then tried to do a reset through the button on the back. I held it down for thirty seconds, waited a couple of minutes, and nothing happened. The lights didn't flash or anything. Tried it again, but the reset button has just stopped working. I tried unpluging, etc, but nothing has worked.  The lights aren't on, and the reset button doesn't work at all.

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear this, have you tried accessing the interface from an Incognito Window via or https://dumaos/?

If not, could you please open a command prompt (search cmd in Windows Start) and enter the command ipconfig then send over a screenshot of the output please?

Is it just Wi-Fi connectivity that's stopped, are wired devices still able to access the internet?

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I tried both of your suggestions and neither of them worked. Wifi has stopped and wired devices also cant connect to the internet either.  I also saw from other help forums to try a static ip. I entered that today but still no connection at all.


netduma screenshot.png

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