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R2 causing a multitude of problems

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Hi guys, I have a lot of info to get across so I’ll try my best to keep it as short as possible!

originally I purchased the R2 to help combat buffetbloat issues, generally though, on my original ISP router in game my ping would be fairly stable only jittering a couple ms here and there, my issue was massive input delay

However, since setting up the R2 my ping has gone completely erratic and I’m now getting a huge amount of stutter lag (sometimes my ping jumps >2000ms)

ive extensively looked for the cause of the issue and had no luck, I’ve done testing with all my devices connected to the R2 with all different types of qos options and tested with the Xbox and my Pc being the only devices connected to the internet in my home and it makes absolutely no difference, I’ve tried traffic prioritisation and again it makes no difference... also when I allocate more bandwidth to the Xbox the speed test on the console reports lower and lower results for some reason, the only way to keep a decent bandwidth allocation is to leave everything balanced, I’ve tried a multitude of anti bufferbloat options and no matter what I’m still stuttering all over the place (even when my Xbox is the only device connected) 

also every time I leave the router admin settings and open it again the share excess options are automatically re-ticked is this perhaps a bug? (Again I’ve tested again and again with them on and off nothing changes)

my typical setup is isp router (wifi disabled) > R2 and my console and pc wired to the R2

i apologise if this is a bit long winded but here’s the TLDR of my issues 

massive ping spikes even when the console is the only thing in the house connected and even when wired, bandwidth allocation bugged (lower results the more bandwidth I allocate) and the share excess seems bugged every time I leave the settings it automatically re-ticks

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you 

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


First of all I would Suggest disconnecting ALL devices. Then just connect your pc, then do a speed test. If the issue is still there I would then use a new ethernet cable from the isp router to your R2 and test again. If it is still there I would use a new cable between your R2 and your pc. Massive spiking like that is usually a sign of interference which can be caused by a fault cable(s) but not exclusively. This kind of issue is a process of elimination and can be a long tedious process. Hope this helps and can resolve your issue.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having these issues. Great advice above. If the ethernet cables are not the issue could you let us know the model of the ISP router you're using? Where are you detecting the ping spikes, using the in game stats or via the Geo-Filter? Could you provide a screenshot of a completed Connection Benchmark test please? Are you playing over WiFi or ethernet? What web browser/device are you using to change settings on the interface?

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