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why is my geofilter allwowing players into my game that I don't want in there?


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I don't have ping assist or fast search on and even though i  only have small boxes around some servers, i still manage to get a lot of north americans in my game. Is there a better way to make it so this won't happen? 


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18 minutes ago, ghorman said:

not trying to be rude but it looks like you are allowing them with your screenshoot

The area you have in your fence is allow.

nah bruh i got SA selected to get a large player pool from there and try to pull them to low ping servers up in NA. I know it's possible since I die to South Americans on the Ashburn server for example and they're on like 200ms ping with a Brazilian flag calling card. I especially know it's possible since these big name streamers be dropping world records on their local servers but filled with South Americnas... "puta lobbies" as they call them

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