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  1. Ping heatmap for Warzone and MW are still failing for me. XR700
  2. Those "streamer" game the lobby system. They get into 0.5KD games and act like they are good. 99% of them pretty much cheat this way.
  3. not trying to be rude but it looks like you are allowing them with your screenshoot The area you have in your fence is allow.
  4. If you are already connecting to the lowest ping server it can’t help. It can’t lower it anymore if that is what you are thinking. you would need to change your isp to a closer one for the game you are playing.
  5. i'm not sure his numbers are changing from last week. Not sure his knows outside of editing his picture
  6. I never said it was impossible. Its just not possible using netduma features.
  7. Well the router was never intended to do the ghost lobbies the original design was to force regional play in an area. Sounds like many purchased the router for the wrong reason.
  8. Ghost lobbies CANNOT be done using Netduma features anymore. I would suggest looking somewhere else if you want to learn how to do ghost lobbies. The geo-filter noob way of ghost lobbies is gone.
  9. Not sure why this keeps coming up, but you CANNOT use netduma features for ghost lobbies any more. You can only select a Stream SDR server you want to play on. The SDR (relay server) will determine who you play with.
  10. Yes, but not using features from Netduma. Netduma wasn’t design original for ghost lobbies in the first place , it was just a nice side effect.
  11. Sembra che tu abbia acquistato il router per il motivo sbagliato. L'XR500 non è stato progettato per i giochi da soli o per le lobby fantasma. È stato progettato per filtrare gli indirizzi IP per consentire la riproduzione forzata in una regione, cosa che ancora fa. L'Xr500 forzerà il gameplay all'interno del filtro geografico; con SDR tutti si connettono al server SDR e il traffico viene espulso da lì. Pensa che un SDR ha un hub. Con il filtro geografico puoi forzare quale SDR giocare su quale turno impone in quale regione giochi.
  12. What problem? Netduma allows you to filter your server for your region.
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