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Packet loss in California servers

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Long shot post but looking to possibly find a fix/suggestions.

I'm from the northern California area and usually play on console crossplay off. (500 MBPS download and 50 upload speed) I 99% of the time never run into packet loss issues just higher ping servers because there's less servers out there for PlayStation only. No problems there... but my main issue is when I play with my friends on PC crossplay servers also from California I always struggle with packet loss constantly fluctuating 1-6% and my friends never have issues. I can see on the geo-filter it's a California server and ping reflects that(sub 45 ping). So why is a server so close in proximity to be giving me good ping but such garbage packet loss issues and east coast serves 1000s of miles away actually perform better for me?  

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18 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Where are you measuring the packet loss exactly, using the in game metrics?

Yep, I can see the packet loss symbol on the left side of the screen constantly popping up, plus opening the latency and packet loss feature in game always shows consistent packet loss. I know there’s multiple servers in Cali and haven’t logged if they all do it for me but I’ll pay more attention going forward. PlayStation only servers in California gives me zero packet loss but whenever crossplay is on in a CA server I get packet loss. I think it’s definitely on Call of Duty’s end with terrible servers. I’ve been trying to be the host; VPN location set to Dallas but it tends to put me into CA lobbies still. So then I’ll additionally turn on the geo-filter, use polygon and make sure CA isn’t in my radius but recently haven’t been able to get into a game doing that. 

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So it will be the game server so others should give a better experience, don't use a VPN as that is unnecessary for the same country and will only increase your ping. Do this when trying to get another server:

  1. Quit the game back to console dashboard
  2. Remove device from the Geo-Filter
  3. Resync the cloud
  4. Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter
  5. Set up your radius/polygon to cover the server/area you want - keep Ping Assist on 0, strict mode on
  6. Wait 2 minutes
  7. Boot up the game
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