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  1. I’ve played Brazil and Japan servers for shits n’ gigs and no packet loss with 210+ ping. I’ve called my ISP before; they do a “line check” on my lines over the phone and it’s always good hahaha. I’ll shoot them a call and say I’m fed up with paying for their top package and not getting the service I should.
  2. I've talked to you before, I'm in California too(Near Sacramento), I play on PS5 and when I play local servers in CA I get packet loss(1-6%) in basically all of my games but my ping is 30-39. It makes no sense that I get such horrible packet loss in local servers so I VPN and geo-filter to keep me out of CA. Normally I connect to the servers in he Midwest or even east coast so I'm always dealing with 79-110 ping but never get packet loss. Open nat type, 500 MB download 50 upload speed... So on top of sweaty east coast lobbies I have a huge ping disadvantage. This game is so frustrating lol
  3. Yep, I can see the packet loss symbol on the left side of the screen constantly popping up, plus opening the latency and packet loss feature in game always shows consistent packet loss. I know there’s multiple servers in Cali and haven’t logged if they all do it for me but I’ll pay more attention going forward. PlayStation only servers in California gives me zero packet loss but whenever crossplay is on in a CA server I get packet loss. I think it’s definitely on Call of Duty’s end with terrible servers. I’ve been trying to be the host; VPN location set to Dallas but it tends to put me into CA lobbies still. So then I’ll additionally turn on the geo-filter, use polygon and make sure CA isn’t in my radius but recently haven’t been able to get into a game doing that.
  4. Long shot post but looking to possibly find a fix/suggestions. I'm from the northern California area and usually play on console crossplay off. (500 MBPS download and 50 upload speed) I 99% of the time never run into packet loss issues just higher ping servers because there's less servers out there for PlayStation only. No problems there... but my main issue is when I play with my friends on PC crossplay servers also from California I always struggle with packet loss constantly fluctuating 1-6% and my friends never have issues. I can see on the geo-filter it's a California server and ping reflects that(sub 45 ping). So why is a server so close in proximity to be giving me good ping but such garbage packet loss issues and east coast serves 1000s of miles away actually perform better for me?
  5. Does it work on console or are you on PC?
  6. During the time of day your playing, the servers in your geo-filter may be offline so it throws in a server on the East coast which is outside of your geo-filter. So it'll just boot you out and re-queue. Similar things have been happening to me but on playstation crossplay off matchmaking. This isn't on Netduma's end though, the game is just busted after updates.
  7. I haven't been able to use the geo-filter since the Warzone season 2 update but I turn it off and change my location on the hybrid VPN and I find a game very fast. It seems like Activision is trying to counteract methods to get around SBMM.
  8. Sorry for the delayed response, but originally I was using both the Geo-filter and the hybrid VPN on my console IP address only. Since the new season update on Warzone, I've had issues with the geo-filter and can't find games easily. I turn it off and I'll find games pretty quick. This is just my opinion but it kind of seems like activision found out a way to counteract these routers at the moment. When setting my location on the VPN in Texas before the update i'd always play on the servers in Texas or Oklahoma but recently it's like it knows my console is still in California and I'm constantly getting put in the California lobbies closest to where I actually live which was never happening before.
  9. For me, I picked what city I want on express VPN under manual configuration, it downloads the file in the browser, I open it in a microsoft program then just paste the text into the hybrid vpn.
  10. Warzone's algorithms are strange... I'm in California and with no VPN or geofilter i'm obviously getting put in California servers(high population) and the lobbies almost 95 percent of the time diamond 1 or 2. Once I experimented with the VPN and change my location, the first game on a Texas or Seattle server for example would be insanely easy, then the SBMM would kick in and would get go back to harder lobbies but nothing like my California servers. In 20 games in Cali I'd have 18/20 games in diamond lobbies but in different locations it'd look like: 1 bronze, 3 silver, 6 gold, 6 platinum, 4 diamond which is a hell of a lot more enjoyable. My ping suffers, rather than being 40s in CA I have to play 90s in texas but it's been worth to play in casual lobbies.
  11. Based on my experiences the last month, purchasing a VPN(I did expressvpn) and setting it up within the Netduma hybrid VPN tab makes it very easy to connect to whatever part of America you want quickly. Your PC or console will show up in warzone in whatever area you choose. Otherwise just trying to use the geo-filter, queue times like you said takes a long long time.
  12. I've had no issues with the new firmware until tonight. Everything works as normal except for geo-filter. It wont load and just says, "The rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute.": Any tips? I've rebooted and restarted the computer.
  13. Forgot to respond earlier this week, but we’re getting consistent at least once per drops of internet connectivity. I’m normally at work during the day so I’m not sure if it’s dropping on wired connections too, but my girlfriend on wifi loses her connection on her phone and work computer once per day.
  14. The modem is MOTOROLA 16x4 Cable Modem, MB7420, 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0. I will this and come back with an update. Thanks
  15. After the factory reset and reinstalling the setup wizard. Everything worked for about 8 hours and now I’m continuing to lose connectivity to the internet. Even LAN. Just did a simple reboot on the router browser page and it came back online but this is exactly what was happening daily until it completely stopped working
  16. Does holding the reset button do a factory reset? I’ve completely shut off power to the router for 2+ minutes multiple times... I’ll try this later today or tomorrow and come back with an update. Thanks!
  17. I really like the operating system and router and definitely want to keep using your services. Your entire Netduma crew is really helpful and responsive and I appreciate that a lot so hopefully I can work this out without a replacement. I updated a few weeks ago and definitely did not do a factory reset, just a reboot. I couldn’t access the router page last night since I had no internet so I gave up. Any idea how can I get access to the router page to factory reset if I can connect to internet services ? I’ll call my ISP and get the netduma reauthorized when it’s possible to have the internet down for a few hours.
  18. So a defect at 32 days won’t be covered under a warranty? The internet drops have been constant since I bought it. The weird part is the devices connected to the router show that it’s connected signal wise, but has zero internet connectivity until I reset the router. This happens multiple times a day. Even a ps5 on lan will drop connection to network services even though it says LAN is connected. The modem is MOTOROLA 16x4 Cable Modem, MB7420, 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0. The netduma R2 has the latest firmware (V.3.0.179) I’ll attempt to continue technical support on it but I had to have my ISP deactivate the R2 to use my old setup so I have internet. Is there a phone number technical support for troubleshooting or all done through forums?
  19. I’m at a loss with R2 router. I don’t know where to go to start a return since the router completely stopped working. The router tends to boot every device off the network, doesn’t matter if it LAN or WIFI 5-10 times per week at a minimum. A quick reboot would normally fix the issue but this time nothing worked for hours and I had to call my isp. The modem the netduma is connected to has zero issues, we tried everything possible but no luck. I had to get my old router reactivated. I love the features and want to get another DumaOS supported router but this one seems to be faulty. If any netduma guys could help with a return that would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I did: TCP-Source port(1-65535) destination port (1600-65535) UDP- Source port(1064-65535) destination port (1064-65535)
  21. Hey man, I’d go to the first few pages and look at Kinel’s posts and experiment. It’s all a little confusing at first but try some of his methods in QOS traffic prioritization.
  22. Hey man, I’d go to the first few pages and look at Kinel’s posts and experiment. It’s all a little confusing at first but try some of his methods in QOS traffic prioritization.
  23. Sweet! I do have open nat. Should Upnp be enable? Last question, I promise hahaha
  24. Thanks for the response. I did play with your udp prioritization that Fraser recommended as well as a tcp prioritization another member said with duma classified games off. The games I played, I actually experienced less latency spikes. I normally get those orange boxes on my screen continuously every 30 seconds or so. It’s just so difficult to know if it’s the status of the servers were good for that time or if the settings helped. I’ll keep experimenting. One more question if you don’t mind... If I’m prioritizing the ranges on QOS should I also be port forwarding those other ports in network settings(UDP 3074, 3078-3079, and TCP 1935,3478-3480)?
  25. How to you throttle the console or gaming device but allow bandwidth to other internet users in the house?
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