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Net Duma R2 - Connecting to an Xfinity Gateway

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Hello All, 

Looking for help connecting my R2 to an Xfinity Gateway (router/modem). I have been unable to receive an ethernet connection, and wifi states connected but no internet. My R2 shows a red indicator light for both WIFI bands, but not for ethernet. 

I am connected via  WALL>Router/modem > R2 > PC.

My router/modem is connected via the blue internet port, and my PC is linked to the router via port 1 on the ethernet. 

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What is the gateway model you're using? Have you completed the wizard or are you stuck at the no internet page? Chose the option to setup manually then skip and complete the rest of the wizard. Then go to Settings > WAN > DHCP and click apply. See if you have internet, if not can you tell me what it says for WAN IP on the System Information page please

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Ok i will have to give this an attempt tomorrow most likely. I will let you know the result and provide what info i can on the WAN IP. 

The Arris does not show the R2 as a connected device. 

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