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R2 intermittently blocking WAN connections

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R2 will intermittently block all WAN connections for both wired and wireless devices. 

Modem is inaccessible via R2 but still connected to the Internet. Rebooting R2 "fixes" the issue, modem remains up.

Normally occurs ever 2-5 days, but can happen several times on the same day.

It happens more frequently when QoS is set to "Always", less frequently when set to "Auto-detect" - and from memory, has never crashed when QoS is set to "Off".

(E.g. Crashed this morning, 13 hours after moving from Auto-detect to Always on QoS)

It also happens more frequently after heavy streaming/downloading - but perhaps that is because I have to change the QoS mode.

Log file shows some out of memory issues - possible memory leak on QoS component? 


Appreciate the help!

-- Uncle Steve

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 12.48.58.png


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How many devices do you have connected roughly, is it a particularly large amount?
Do you have any particularly long ethernet cables in use? Or maybe any old cables? Are any of them twisted/bent/kinked at all or running through areas where there may be other noies/interference?
I think you've already confirmed this, but do you leave the interface open for long periods of time?

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The router has crashed 2 more times this morning - each one having QoS set to "Always".

(Logs attached)



5m Ethernet - Samsung Smart TV

5m Ethernet - Gaming PC

1m Ethernet - Apple Airport Express



2x iPhone

2x iPad

4x Macbook pro


log-1620297113178.txt log-1620293517510.txt

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Crashed 8 times yesterday and again this morning with QoS set to disabled.

On this morning's crash my wired PC (which was off at the time) was unable to get an IP address when I started it up though it detected it as a gateway (but unable to access the console). My laptop (which was on at the time of the "crash") was able to get into the console. So it looks like DHCP had locked-out.


Have reverted back to v0.123 with QoS disabled and it's been fine so far.



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NOTE: Running an Old version

Version: v3.0.123


Another incidence of the same crash. No internet / WAN connection.

Console was still accessible (even by WiFi) but CPU at nearly 100% on all 4 cores.


QoS set to “Never”.

Lasted a lot longer between crashes than when using “Always” or “Auto-Enable”.

(A week vs. Hours or days respectively)


Logs seem to indicate an out of memory fault. And I know the CPU-issue was fixed in a later release (0.179?)...

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 20.18.38.png


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  • Administrators

We're actively utilizing a router we can reproduce this on and connecting the information we need, it's been very hard to tell what the cause is so we've created background tools that will help us narrow this down, hopefully won't be too much longer.

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