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Warzone season 3 & Nighthawk XR1000

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I’ve only had my XR1000 for about a month now and when I first got it and ran through the basic set up it worked perfectly and I noticed a difference in lag free lobbies and not getting kicked from games as often. 

Since the Warzone season 3 update it’s been nothing but a disaster .... 

1- I get caught in endless loops of looking for a match, being 1 out of 150 then kicked back to matchmaking. 

2- When I am lucky enough to get Into a lobby and connect to a server the server info displays under the “Auto Ping” panel but no Icon appears in my geo filter.  Easily takes up to 3-5 min ***  current locations is central US with a 2290km geo filter to cover ALL of the US) 


if if I turn off filtering I can get into lobbies in about half that time (1-3min). If I’m not the host and a friend is we can easily connect and find a match in seconds .... I’ve shut down the router and had instant matches as well. Seems that Warzone has found a way to penalize router users in this latest update. 

On PS5 (connection test 626 down, 103 up, 27 ping) 

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They're not penalizing router users, likely a few servers we need to whitelist. I've already tasked the team with testing this and once we figure it out we can put out a cloud update to get it sorted so for the moment if it is too hard to force a server with the Geo-Filter then leave it disabled until then

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So has there been a fix for this issue yet ... I’ve searched the forums and deleted and re-added my PS5 manually, rebooted and still unable to find a game while filtering. 

Game only works without the geofilter now. 

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