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  1. Ping assist works great with my router
  2. Has anyone experienced better hit detection when not using a DUMA router? I have 500/50 and usually around 19-27 ping 0 packet loss, but for some reason my hit detection is terrible and even my friends have noticed. I'm asking this because I'm considering getting another isp... These are my settings:
  3. This.. I was having a lot of issues with matchmaking and I started using ping assist <35-40, all i have to say that is working great for me.
  4. It doesnt work for me either, no packets are received/sent in the UI
  5. @Netduma Liam Im also having issues with matchmaking, will this work?
  6. Main problem is that matchmaking will restart and I wont join that server, how can I get the id of the blocked server?, hmm sometimes they dont show up in the host window.. Here is what happens: Start matchmaking After 2 minutes will eventually find a host Random blocked server appears outside my radius for like 20 seconds. Host kicks me Matchmaking starts over After 3 or 4 attemps, it might find a game. This has happened to me during last week and I have to shutdown geofilter
  7. @Netduma Fraser This is an example of yesterday matchmaking after 10pm, For some reason is trying to contact a server in europe therefore making my search restart multiple times.
  8. Thank you @Netduma Fraser Im located in Mexico, around 200km from texas. I'll provide an screenshot tonight.. I also want to add that my problem is persistant after removing my device, wait 2 minutes. resync cloud but the game still tries to contact servers outside my filter (it also happens when using hybrid vpn to dallas).
  9. Has anyone noticed that geofilter is not working correctly after 9PM EAST? And for some reason game keeps trying to reach servers outside my filtering. I have to say that most of the time I have to manually allow these really far servers that keep popping up during my search, if I dont do it quickly enough my search will restart Last 3 weeks it was working really well with this configuration: I even tried expanding the polygons to something like this with no luck.
  10. Hi everyone, im new to this topic.. Not sure if I have the correct settings:
  11. @Netduma Fraser I noticed that activision is using more the authentication server when finding a match, yesterday I had a lot of blocked servers appearing in my map and I couldnt join a game until I manually unblocked them.
  12. Since yesterday, is been extremely difficult to find a game, it takes very long long time to find a match and when it does, it kicks me out and starts over. I hace a ps device type, restarted cloud and all the known recomentations, everything was working good 3 days ago. I even have like 4-5 server groups with no luck Btw: the game is trying to contact a server outside the geofilter see my screenshot
  13. I noticed that texas server is not there, is that ok?
  14. I have it like this, because this has prevented me from joining games with friends in the past.
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