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  1. Disabled QoS and it’s still a fraction of my speed 122 down 41 up.
  2. Ok, so I was able to log into the router and update my settings/benchmark etc ... im running into a very strange issue, when my ps5 (wired connection) is connected direct to my modem I get 832 down 317 up (got new fiber service) when the ps5 is wired through the router I get 140 down 76 up, tried wired and WiFi and the router slows my connection to the PS5. My nighthawk benchmark tested at 917 down 869 up, I’ve tested my laptop wired and WiFi and it hits those high number as does every other device but the PS5.
  3. I switched internet providers this morning and I have solid internet hardwired and wireless works flawlessly through the router and without however I can’t log into the Dumas desktop as previous (
  4. So has there been a fix for this issue yet ... I’ve searched the forums and deleted and re-added my PS5 manually, rebooted and still unable to find a game while filtering. Game only works without the geofilter now.
  5. I’ve only had my XR1000 for about a month now and when I first got it and ran through the basic set up it worked perfectly and I noticed a difference in lag free lobbies and not getting kicked from games as often. Since the Warzone season 3 update it’s been nothing but a disaster .... 1- I get caught in endless loops of looking for a match, being 1 out of 150 then kicked back to matchmaking. 2- When I am lucky enough to get Into a lobby and connect to a server the server info displays under the “Auto Ping” panel but no Icon appears in my geo filter. Easily takes up to 3-5 min *** current locations is central US with a 2290km geo filter to cover ALL of the US) if if I turn off filtering I can get into lobbies in about half that time (1-3min). If I’m not the host and a friend is we can easily connect and find a match in seconds .... I’ve shut down the router and had instant matches as well. Seems that Warzone has found a way to penalize router users in this latest update. On PS5 (connection test 626 down, 103 up, 27 ping)
  6. I’m experiencing the same thing, it only started happening when season 3 dropped. I can’t get a single match unless I turn off filtering (I’m on PS5) I’ve read that there was a change in sbmm that is affecting routers & vpn’s. Will there be any updates to or fixes coming for this ?
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