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Wifi Signal

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Something interesting has happened, I have searched online and haven't really seen any info relating to this.

When I first got the router I was moaning on here re the wifi signal being poor regardless of where I placed it and compared it to my BT smarthub which gets full signal all throughout the house, this was about a week ago. 

Throughout the week the signal has become significantly stronger and as of today I can place the router anywhere in the house and it is getting full bars of signal and getting good speeds through wifi. 

The question is, do the antennas have a "Break in" period, it seems odd that I was getting 1, sometimes 2 bars in the first few days to it increasing throughout the week to eventually have a solid connection by the end of the week no matter how far I place it. 

Does anyone have any info or input on this?

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For example, all of these connections are in my block, all in either flats next door or below us, they were always at full signal, NetdumaR was the only one that ever had 1 or 2 bars of signal even when placed as close as possible to my PC which is one room away, bear in mind that the other hot spots are in completely different houses.

And as you can see now, the NetdumaR one has full strength and has been solid, never drops a bar.  

2021-01-11 10_45_18-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay.png

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If for example I  was next door and connected on the same channels as you but no data was being sent then the interference would be slight, if however I started to download or upload massive data that would increase your interference.

There are lots of causes for interference and you will find different times of the day you get different throughputs. It’s the wonderful world of WiFi but signal strength is just part of it as you could suffer channel utilisation which then impacts throughput even with a strong signal.

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