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  1. Its not your fault or Netduma themselves @Netduma Fraser but the build quality on these boxes is quite shocking, i'm hoping there will be a v2 or something in the future or these can be addressed in further iterations.
  2. For example, all of these connections are in my block, all in either flats next door or below us, they were always at full signal, NetdumaR was the only one that ever had 1 or 2 bars of signal even when placed as close as possible to my PC which is one room away, bear in mind that the other hot spots are in completely different houses. And as you can see now, the NetdumaR one has full strength and has been solid, never drops a bar.
  3. Weird, it has been consistent for days now with no changes made at all.
  4. Something interesting has happened, I have searched online and haven't really seen any info relating to this. When I first got the router I was moaning on here re the wifi signal being poor regardless of where I placed it and compared it to my BT smarthub which gets full signal all throughout the house, this was about a week ago. Throughout the week the signal has become significantly stronger and as of today I can place the router anywhere in the house and it is getting full bars of signal and getting good speeds through wifi. The question is, do the antennas have a "Break in" period, it seems odd that I was getting 1, sometimes 2 bars in the first few days to it increasing throughout the week to eventually have a solid connection by the end of the week no matter how far I place it. Does anyone have any info or input on this?
  5. When you do the initial setup the first username and password that you set up is for the dumaos, the second one is for the wifi. So you should use whatever you set up as the dumaos password, if you forgot then I would suggest doing the initial set up again and making a note of the os password.
  6. I would suggest doing a hard reset of the router, press the reset button with a pin for 10 seconds and then do the setup while hardwired from your pc/laptop to a port on your netduma router. I had the same issue, it took a few resets before it worked properly.
  7. Hi Junior, have you done the initial setup by going to a Chrome/Firefox browser and typing in dumaos/ ?
  8. On the initial setup connect the isp modem to the wan port of the Netduma and then use an ethernet cable to connect from your PC/Laptop directly into one of the ports on the Netduma router. on a google chrome or firefox browser type in dumaos/ and it should take you to the setup page. The setup will not work via Wifi, I believe that they are working on a fix for that right now. For the people that are not getting internet connection after performing the setup, make sure that you are not connected via wifi, sometimes you may think that you are connected via ethernet but wifi might be prioritised.
  9. Try what Fraser suggested
  10. It does not seem to work if you try it wirelessly as stated in the instructions.
  11. Connect to the R2 with a LAN cable from your PC/Laptop and then type dumaos/ on your browser address bar to start the setup process.
  12. @Netduma Fraser just wondering, how can WiFi signal be improved with firmware, is that possible? I thought the hardware dictated that kind of thing.
  13. Disabling and Enabling can cause the same issue that I have with the QoS so now I just leave it on default, happy to know that you guys are working on fixes for wifi, seems a bit odd the current issues with it.
  14. Regardless those speeds are good enough for gaming, im getting roughly 130 down and 90 up with 5 ping from the netduma. I just need to use the geofence so im all good.
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