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Optimal setup for xr500?

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Im wondering if i have everything set up AS OPTIMAL as can be, my set up is;

BT fibre ONT - smart hub 2 - xr500

The smart hub 2 i have disabled upnp, disabled wifi,  I have put the xr500 in its DMZ and disabled the firewall on the SH2.

XR500 is in DHCP mode and has everything wired to it. 

One question i have is about IP addresses, When i set up the xr500 i did a factory reset and it gave the xr500 an address of, the SH2 uses as an gateway ip with the dhcp range from - .253.

Would it be better if i gave the SH2 a gateway ip of and the xr500 or doesnt it matter one bit as long as it is within its DHCP range? 


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