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Connecting XR500 to Bell HH 3000

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Thanks for the info. BTW I didn't put the xr500 into advanced dmz. All I did was disable wifi and dhcp on the hh3000 and enter my b1 username and pw on the xr500. I just didnt want to keep the hh3000 since its ugly af lol. 

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3 hours ago, DanyKTM said:

you should call Bell.  I don't think you can do that. you absolutely have to enter your Bell ID in a Bell machine. I have the same setup as you. advanced DMZ in my HH3K with ports forwarded, open nat ingame. Bell fibe, in my opinion is not the best connection for gaming on COD. I still have a little delay but with the XR 500 and the QOS help a lot for a good connection stability

Ok thanks for the input. The thing is I didn't put the XR500 into advanced DMZ. All I did was disable wifi and disable dhcp on the HH3000 and entered my b1 username and password on the XR500. It's working great I just bought the other box so I don't have to see the huge Bell modem but I guess I can live with it lol.  

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On 1/8/2021 at 11:09 PM, DMC_81 said:

Aright... first you plug the cable into xr500 WAN port... then the other side on Bell LAN1... plug your pc in lan1 of the xr500... go in web browser... ( type routerlogin.com to access XR500 or to enter Bell as you already know 😛 ) first go on Bell and factory reset it (if internet don't work after it reboots it's not alarming but simply indicate a problem with the hh3000 so just do another factory reset by holding the button on the right side of hh3000 for like 20 some seconds (just look at the display on the hh3000 until it says you can release after the factory reset counter drop to zero aka around 20 seconds holding that reset button) then it should work and if you have a mess on the hh3000 display saying internet is not configured then just enter and set bell with your ppp0e credentials aka B1..... and password and then the line will work ;) oh and if you also have the gaming package 1,5\1gbps your password might have change so if that happen just call them and they'll give you the new password)... when it's back On you disable wifi... disable upnp... allow only one devices address (will be the ip adress of the xr500... reserve that ip to the xr500... put xr500 in dmz BUT DON'T ENABLE ADVANCED DMZ... disable dlna, wps option and sip alg ... reboot HH3000 then open another tab and close the HH3000 one... on new tab enter routerlogin.com and do a factory reset (you have to start that factory reset before the hh3000 finish to reboot so if you're not super fast you might simply unplug the lan cable from only behind hh3000 (after you started the HH3000 reboot process) to give you enough time to start the factory reset of xr500  ;)) then when you start factory reset on xr500 just close the web browser !!! On lower right corner of windows you should have your network icon showing network status (if it's not there just go in windows network and internet settings) reset your network so it will clear old infos and ip's ... restart pc !!! Plug back the cable behind the HH3000 into same LAN1 port !!! Now when windows start wait a lil bit until NEW NETWORK bar appear on right side of screen and select Private network !  Not long after that an automatic command should start a web browser directly on Duma Os setup page...so wait like 1 to 2min max for that to happen and if nothing pop up by itself then just go in a web browser and type routerlogin.net (.net is for first setup and .com is for general usage) and you'll start the basic setup of Duma Os. Normaly if you did everything like i said it will automatically detect a ppp0e line and ask you for your ppp0e creds (b1 code from Bell and password) if not you'll have to select manual installation then select ppp0e and then enter your bell credentials ! Do change the LOGIN password for the XR500 but don't change anything else like wifi (very important) name or password... just next next next and no need to register with netgear at last step... just close the web browser at that point !!! Open the same or another browser (because if the auto install script did start it start with EDGE so after the initial setup you can use whatever browser you want) and this time type routerlogin.com ... go in internet settings and under your ppp0e credentials you'll see Connection Mode being set as Dial On Demand... set that to ALWAYS (very important if you don't want to manually recconnect internet everytime a drop occurs or an ip lease change ect ect ect) then you go on Wan setup : If you have 2 or more devices playing simultaneously (togheter or not) like in COD and want them both Full Open ingame then set NAT at OPEN... if not then let it at secured. Should Disable sip alg except if you reaaaally need it !!! Now go in LAN : change the ip adress to something you like but just the two last part of ip like to so only the last two part you want to change and the last part don't use the same end like the modem use and\or anything lower like example: modem bell is so don't use 1 for the xr500 as you want to prevent problems so choose from .2 and up ! Now Starting IP adress and Ending IP adress you have to change both last parts... so if you changed ip adress to then change Starting adresses to .6 and up and Ending IP adresses to fit the number of devices you hook to that router... like if you have 25 devices to hook then your starting can be let's say and you add your 25 devices so Ending IP adresses would be and up if you want to have open waiting ports for when another device will want to hook on your setup... or like me set it straight and when needed just add number of devices you want to the Ending IP adresses so that will give internet access to these new devices !!! APPLY !!! When it comes back reserve an adress to your pc and Apply again !!! Now you can go set WIFI !!! We use manual channels iinstead of auto because way less connection problems 😛  so 6 and up for 2.4g and 153 for 5ghz or try by yourself to see wich channel performs better as for output quality and efficiency while streaming 4k netflix  :) !!! If there's not a lot of wifi networks around you or live in a huuuuge house then you should disable 20\40hz co-existence  ! We never use the guest network so we untick both Enable SSID broadcast. Administration : firmware update- disable auto-update. We don't plug USB hard drive on the XR routers so we disable media server and readyshare... if you use that then set them as you want !  Advanced Settings Advanced Wireless : We Disable Enable wmm on 5ghz only (because i find overall of xr500 is better when 5ghz WMM is Disabled). We also disable Pin access because we don't use that so it's up to you ! Then in Led Control Settings we disable blinking lights but also is subjective ! Now top right corner of duma os...click the 3dots then Advanced then Timezone and select your proper timezone there (the timezone option in Administration is not working good) but this one does and have more timezone choices ! Reboot XR500 and pc !!!  Now it<s time to add devices to xr500 but you need to know... XR500 is Not Stable when playing if you don't do my trick..! The trick consist in using only 1 device on the 5ghz channel to comunicate over internet and then disconnecting that device from internet will push the XR500 to become stable at 120hz tickrate while playing COD and any games except the output for other games might be different than 120hz... like NFS Heat will play at 15hz to 30hz without my trick but will play at 45hz to 60hz with my trick ! So my trick won<t make XR500 push 120hz tickrate if the game is not playing at that tickrate !  My trick will simply make the XR500 play at max tickrate possible and stable vs without my trick !!! Also that<s why i always tell people to use a wifi 2.4g device to manage every Duma Os routers... because there is restrictions on Lan ports while none on wifi so we actually see the REAL OUTPUT via a wifi device like a phone !!! To test that just start playing a game and enter in duma os via a lan pc... take COD Warzone and while in a match your auto ping will show your tickrate and the dedis tickrate... both max at 60hz via Lan !!! Close that PC browser and then log in duma os on a phone (always via web browser and NEVER via apps) and your auto ping will show your real output live while still in same game... it fluctuate like crazy from 60hz to 120hz while you play and it<s like that since day1 of XR500 !!! Then use your tv...connect tv to 5ghz wifi (while NO OTHER DEVICE IS CONNECTED TO 5GHZ and it doesn<t matter how many devices are on the 2.4 ghz ... just NONE on the 5ghz) and enter in netflix (usually it:s fast once already signed in previously  😛 ) just scroll on 2 or 3 preview to see the previews start playing (that:s comunication over internet) then just flip tv back on console~pc your playing on and then disconnect tv from internet via the tv itself ! Now in from 30seconds to 1 minute your tickrates will stay at the highest it can and you'll see way less fluctuations aka more stable !!! At that time you should start tweaking your upload slidder to optimise your setup and yes we optimise while playing to get accurate results !!! Then to test if it really makes a difference... after you adjjusted your upload slidder and auto ping still show stable 120hz via wifi... just close that web browser on phone and open a web broswer via Lan device and enter Duma Os... you'll see it at 60hz still !!! Close that browser and go back on a wifi browser...duma os and should be at 120hz still stable !!! Then since you want to confirm if it makes a difference... start a match and play for like a minute then connect your tv on internet 5ghz...no need to do anything else... look duma os auto ping stats and boom it's unstable again so continue playing and see the difference !!! There is a huge difference even on a 0-1ms ftth gaming line from Bell Canada and it's more perceptible with other types of lines like cable\dsl\vdsl and\or when your ping base is higher !!!   DON'T ENABLE IPV6...DON'T TOUCH IPV6...DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IPV6... until someone like me confirm it's now perfectly working and not breaking anything !!!

So if youu want to test that you should add every wifi devices on 2.4ghz except for the tv (might work with another device type) and if let's say you have other tvs on setup that might watch netflix youtube ect while you game... then you hook them on 2.4ghz and still only the main tv on the 5ghz that you won't look at while gaming !!! So each time you add a device you should reserve it an ip... so add one and reserve its ip...then add second and reserve ip ect until all added then you apply the reservations (you might want to apply after adding 4-5 devices then add more then apply again then add more ect) Once all your setup devices are hooked and ips reserved... Reboot XR500 !!! You should then power off every devices hooked except pc to finish last steps...

Devices manager : Make sure every devices have proper icon and consoles\pc should all be set as either PLAYSTATION or XBOX but not as game consoles even if we set prio and geo filter as game consoles... if you don't game on pc and don't need to prioritize its traffic then leave pc as PC or as Game console !!!

Qos: top left...burger icon... set bandwidth... enter proper bandwidth for both upload\download and apply. If already done via initial setup so already showing proper bandwidths... change it anyways as it might show you something but the real output is not correlating this infos aka like a speedtest not giving same bandwidth as shown in Qos !!!  Once applied just refresh page and on right side of slidders you'll see proper bandwidths. Now go on Bandwidth Allocation... click on burger icon and set it at DEVICES instead of apps... now untick both share excess and it auto save when you tick\untick them... once both are disabled refresh the page !!! Now you'll see your devices around that ring instead of apps types .... that mean changes have been properly applied ! Now down there in Traffic Prioritization... disable the only one there aka duma os classified games... add your gaming consoles\pc\devices as Gaming Consoles !!! Refresh page and confirm they all there as gaming consoles !!! If you also play on a pc and there is no Gaming Consoles options it's because the pc device type in devices manager is set as pc... so set pc as xbox instead then go add it back in Traffic Prio as Game Consoles... refresh page and confirm !!! Now up there in Congestion Control... set that to Always... put both slidders at below 9 number... you can simply type the number on right side of slidders instead of dragging slidders approx.... so set both at like 6... refresh page... now set it at auto... refresh page... now set both slidders at 70\70 and put in Always mode... refresh page !!! All done so last step...

Geo filter: Set home location in water and drop radius to lowest aka 111km... refresh page.... depending on your ping and location you have to set auto ping... i run 2 setups... one is bell 0-1ms and other is cable 10ms... on 10ms line from Montreal,Qc the best i get is 18ms to 21ms on closest COD dedis aka Providence,Rhodes Islands and New Jersey... so i set my auto ping at 23ms on both setup !!! If we would only play on bell we could drop auto ping to 15ms !!!  So go a bit higher but not by that much and after a couple of matches you should know what is best dedis ping for you on your setup and then lower auto ping to better fit the type of dedis you want to play on !!! You now can test that via Ping Heatmap... ping Modern Warfare as it's the most accurate for us in Americas... ping 2-3 times in a row and take the best ping you get... add couple of ms to it and voilà it's your perfect auto ping setting !!! Anyways if you want to adjust and\or test you always can change those settings !!! Now just add gaming devices up there as Choose Manually and then Filtering !!! Once they all added just refresh page...!!!

Top right...burger icon...REBOOT XR500 !!! Power off pc !!! Once XR500 is rebooted you can start every devices you want and start enjoying your gaming !!!

As of right now if you did everything... your XR500 is perfect and ready to go... i always disable both share excess before every gaming sessions... i disable them then reboot Duma Os routers and start playing.... when gaming is done i re enable both share excess !!! You can play while both share excess are enabled but it will never be flawlessly stable like when disabled so it's up to you !!! Also you shhould test gaming while in Always mode vs while in Auto Mode but without changing slidders... that mean you have to stabilise your xr500 to handle stable 120hz tickrate...then adjust upload slidder until bullets perfectly register.like alllllways  😛 ... don't put download higher than 70 so you can lower it but not go higher...and no need to do that seriously so let download at 70... except if your line really struggle then you might try to lower download !!!  Always higher or lower by +2 -2 ...!!! When insanely optimised... then you can try to switch qos in auto mode vs always mode.... but for best accurate results... when you change that qos mode... you should always reboot router before testing it !!! Please note that rebooting Duma Os routers also UPDATE CLOUD so it's the OPTIMAL PRACTICE to do before gaming sessions !!!

Don't forget you now know how to stabilise the XR500 and you now also know how to PROPERLY setup your setup  ;) !!! So don't forget you always have to re-do my optimisation trick to stabilise xr500 before every gaming session except if you didn't rebooted\hook a 5ghz wifi device on xr500 like you took a break to eat and shits then get back to gaming...then it should still be stable..! But if you stop playing...put back both share excess... enjoyed netflix on 5ghz tv... then you'll need to re-do my trick !!! My trick is doable so easily and takes like 20seconds to do... you just need to enter in the game you want to play... hook tv...make it communicate...disconnect tv... start gaming !!! Just always confirm via wifi device used to manage Duma Os... that you are stable at highest tickrate possible !!! If for whatever reason it destabilise or it didn't work first shot... just do it again !!! You might have to adjust Upload slidder on a daily basis but most likely it will be like a +2 or +4 difference on the upload slidder... might be a bigger difference when changing firmware on router and or depending on game's download updates like some updates modify huge things that impact your experience... also possible isp updates !!! So if bullets are not registering properly... make sure it's still tickrate stable...then adjust upload slidder !!!

We also can set xr500 in simple dhcp with hh3000 but it's not performing good compared to when in ppp0e... so that's why we opt for ppp0e on duma os routers on Bell lines... on cable line it's dhcp but on previous vdsl2 fttn i was also in ppp0e because way better like that !!!  Ppp0e makes you bypass the hh3000 by giving 100% access to Duma Os !!!

Enjoy... take care... Peeeaace !!!  DMC51450


For shared excess, how much would we drag to the console?


so I input my total speeds (750/890) x .7

(525-623) which is 70%.

Disbaled shared excess for both down and up.


how much would I drag to my console? I dragged 60% for both. Lmk if that was the play 



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