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  1. Yup. I would of liked to have the little ethernet converter to get rid of the hh3000 but atleast it works this way and i dont have to use the hh3000 anymore
  2. I didn't put my xr500 in advanced dmz or dmz on the bell hh3000. Just disabled wifi and dhcp on hh3000. Entered my bell b1 username and password on my xr500. So far its working great. Thanks alot for all the help. I'm pretty sure I had a defective ethernet converter.
  3. I tried using it. For some reason there was no internet going to the xr500. I dont know if maybe the box was defective or not but I have disabled wifi and dhcp on hh3000 and the xr500 is working great
  4. Ok thanks for the input. The thing is I didn't put the XR500 into advanced DMZ. All I did was disable wifi and disable dhcp on the HH3000 and entered my b1 username and password on the XR500. It's working great I just bought the other box so I don't have to see the huge Bell modem but I guess I can live with it lol.
  5. Thanks for the info. BTW I didn't put the xr500 into advanced dmz. All I did was disable wifi and dhcp on the hh3000 and enter my b1 username and pw on the xr500. I just didnt want to keep the hh3000 since its ugly af lol.
  6. Ok so I bought one of those fiber to ethernet converters and ita not working. I'm connected to my xr500 but there isn't any internet. My setting are connected by pppoe. Anyone know what I did wrong? Did a reboot of the xr 500. Could it be I got a defective box?
  7. I never put the xr500 in dmz mode or advanced dmz on the bell hh3000. I just disabled wifi and dhcp on the HH3000. Is that bad lol? I still get pretty good speeds over wifi and open nat on my ps5 with static ip and ports opened. Also there is a setting in the internet setup for the internet ip adress and im not sure if i should keep it at "Get dynamically from ISP or "Use static IP adress" thanks alot guys really appreciate all the help
  8. COD. When I first set it up with just a static ip on my PS5 I had an open nat. Later that night when I checked it was on moderate. After fowarding all the ports it is now open. I just bought an SFP to ethernet converter. Completly gonna get rid of the bell HH because I feel like there still might be some type of restriction goin on within that router. I only disabled wifi and dhcp but i also read that i should of disabled pppoe on the bell hh router also. thanks for all the help i really appreciate it
  9. Also I just checked and my playstation 5 is on a moderate nat type even though i gave it a static ip adress and placed it in the router on the dhcp settings. help please
  10. Thanks for the tips. I do live in an appartment building with alot of different networks around me so would you suggest that i use one of the higher channels for 5ghz? Also why is there no auto channel option for the 5ghz signal? Thanks
  11. Ok so i enable this and leave the channels for 2.4ghz and 5ghz signals on auto? sorry not that great in networking. Thanks alot Edit: just checked and there isn't an option for auto on the 5ghz signal so how do I know which one is best? Do I really choose 153 like what was written in the post or is there something I can use to see whoch one would be best for me? thanks
  12. Ok so in the end i disabled wifi and dhcp on my bell hh3000 and did pppoe on the xr500. Everything works and open nat on my ps5. The only thing i disabled was the 20/40hz coexistance and dont really know what wmm is so didnt touch any of those settings. Thanks guys for all the input
  13. Thanks alooooot bro. I really appreciate it. I will let you know how it goes once i set it up thanks man
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