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CW Servers Are Messed Up ATM :/

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Yo DumaFam!

Got some severely mislocated servers appearing in Australia atm. Judging by the pings I'd say the 311ms and 362ms are European and the 246ms one is from East Coast USA. 

Also the 32ms server should be where the 362ms server is, it's a Sydney Dedi. 


CW Servers Are Messed Up.png

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12 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Thanks for the report, I will pass this on to Jack to get sorted.

If you zoom out of the map are there places which show a lower ping?

Atm the only Sydney server that appears on the heatmap is the 32ms one in my image. I haven't seen any Sydney servers appearing outside of Australia for a while now. Also I'm still yet to see any Adelaide servers thus far. 

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