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Adblock on causes very slow browsing using default settings

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I activated Telstra Game Optimiser this morning. Unfortunately one of the features I was looking forward to doesn't work well straight out of the box.

Using a mixture of IOS devices and Windows machines, all were serving general websites very slowly, some specific websites intermittently refused to load at all. e.g.
   www.news.com.au     www.couriermail.com.au   Sometimes when they did load it took a good 10-15 seconds.

I was expecting this feature to be configured so it doesn't slow down or even prevent a website from loading. All other web blockers I have tried don't have this sort of behavior.

I did observe that the device is very 'CPU' busy all the time. The example below is with Ad Blocking disabled. It's about the same with it on.


Can anyone shed some light if they had any better luck with this feature?







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