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Xr500 Freezes since .66 firmware update

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I normally just ignore firmware releases as they seem to always cause me issues.  I saw there was a release and i updated to the .66 (from .56).  SO i updated.  Now, at least once a day, the router literally freezes...or at least thats what I think its doing.  We loose all internet (lights still work on it) and I can't connect to it at all using the web interface.  My only savior is to unplug it and let it sit for a minute and plug it back in which of course takes forever to come up. 

Additional info: I have  A LOT of custom settings so starting over with a new config  at the moment isn't an option.  Probably another reason i'll wait for a while before I even move to 3.0. 

However, i'm wondering what the proper update path would be?  Wipe router, the upgrade then load my config?  Maybe this is the cause?

PLease let me know what i should try first.  I may even just go back to .56 as I can't have this kicking me off of work calls and kids off their school classes.




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I would try to factory reset wipe the router clean then load your config file.. The .66 firmware update I believe was for security patches. So one would likely want to be updated to that..  Ideally one should start from scratch though. Meaning not uploading your previous config file.. But since you have alot of custom settings I can understand why one would not want to do that as its very very time consuming. 

Ive experienced this issue as well.. Or at least by the sounds of it.. What I noticed when this happens is the CPU of the XR500 maxes out to a 100% and stays there.. Once this happens the router freezes up.. Mine doesnt reboot or anything but it just freezes up and all connections are disconnected.. All lights on the router are still functioning.. But that is it.. Normally one cant even log into the router when this happens.. I was just lucky enough to be logged in to the UI when it happened.. Even though it has happened several times before without being logged into the UI.. I can never access the UI when this happens..

Netduma may have some better advice for you atm.. As I couldnt seem to find a work around..

Good luck!


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

So the recommended upgrade process would be to upgrade to the latest firmware, then perform a factory reset without restoring from a config - reason being the config could store issues that would bring them across to the new firmware or that something you've saved has been altered in an update and then you're trying to restore an old configuration which could result in errors.

The disconnection issues are known and we're working with Netgear to try and resolve these. If you cannot perform a reset at the moment which is understandable and you're comfortable missing the security update then I'd suggest going back to .56. Before that though, does it happen at the same time every day or does there appear to be any pattern as to when it occurs?

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Man, i was kinda hoping i could use my config...its pretty customized but i'll wait for a stable 3.0.  I understand configs can cause issues.  I reverted back to .56 and then did a wipe followed by adding my config back and its been solid again for 2 days.  

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