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Issue on the Network Map


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I'm from Costa Rica and yesterday I received the R2 router, I love it, works perfectly but I'm a network engineer and it is easy for me to configure it but for sure this router needs the knowledge to configure it and keep it working fine. I already tested with CoD Warzone on PS4 and so far is working great (I'm going to attach a pic of my configuration).

But my only issue is with the "Network Map" because I have disabled the Wifi broadcast (2.4ghz or 5ghz) on the R2 Netduma and I have wireless repeaters (as a bridge) connected on the LAN ports of the R2 and the R2 is the DHCP server but the devices connected on the Wireless APs are constantly switching between "offline" state to "online" although the devices are connected and working properly (I tested with continuous ping and they never lost the connectivity although the R2 shows it as " offline device "), please review the attached video.

Thank you so much.

Kenneth Rodriguez

geo filter.jpg

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Really glad to hear you're enjoying it! Yes that can happen if there are no packets going through at all, it may be a little too quick to determine this but thank you for the feedback, we are seeing this on another platform as well so we'll try to improve upon this.

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