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Higher ping servers combat Lag Compensation.


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Hey Guys. 

After investigating, I have found that although the Duma Geo-Filter enables you to get your ping as low as possible, people have actually found that they are getting better game experience by connecting to servers that give you a higher ping than your lowest 10-25ms ping games. Say, 40-80ms + ping for example. People have even found that if you play HD videos on Youtube while playing COD online, they too find that their hit detection improves.

Has it honestly come down to the fact that Activision has an algorithm to help out people with a slower connection to their servers? 

Has anyone else found any of these methods help at all? Because if so, I will just play in the UK on German servers lol

(I am going to test this myself later today, but thought I would post this up to see peoples thoughts on the subject) 

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I could feel the difference in MW but in CW the game seems to run the same whether I'm showing 20-30ms in-game or on an Asian server with 120ms. I have the network icon option toggled on in the settings but I've never seen any pop up.

There must be some strong/different lag comp in CW for it to be making it possible for someone with 100ms+ ping to compete with lower ping players. It's very common to see Japanese players on the servers here in Aus and they have no issue doing well. The other night I had a game with 1500 SPM and the next it connected a party of 5 Japanese onto our servers and I couldn't kill any of them lol. It makes me wonder about those games where I just feel a second behind in a lot of engagements maybe I'm vs people from other countries which have been connected to our server. There's no way of telling.

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