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Xbox double nat and no IPv6 with R2 router


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Hey welcome to the forum! For Netduma or others to help you what is your physical setup? Like what do you have your R2 connected to? Or what is the model of your modem? Also it helps at times to know what type of connection/ISP you have.. This info will help resolve your issues much more quickly and direct you what to do to help fix it.

Usually a double NAT type situation is caused by what your R2 is connected to.. Like is it connected to another router/modem that was supplied by your ISP.. As an example..



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

As above, a double NAT is caused by the way you're connected to the internet through a router or modem. If you provide the answers above we can best advise but you'll either need to enable bridge/modem/passthrough mode or use the DMZ on that modem/router to eliminate the double NAT.

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