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Router Restart


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11 minutes ago, Cameron said:

Might also be helpful posting the Telstra Modem log too for the support team but it appears like your modem got at least one software update. Is your device variant an Arcadyan or Technicolor model and what is the current FW version?

It's the second time i've lost internet during working hours, which is inconvenient when working from home. Have updated post to include more information.

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7 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Did it definitely restart both times or lose connection? When it happened was there anything specific happening on the network at the time? Was it exactly a week apart from each other that it happened?

Restarted as lost wi-fi signal on all devices, so I went and checked the modem and saw it booting up.

Nothing special happening, just working at home so the usual.

Couldn't tell you how far apart.

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11 hours ago, Hsimah said:

Just for anyone watching, it has happened again - around the same time.

Hi @Hsimah,
Having a look at the device history now,  our systems only keep data for the the past 10 days.
From what I can see first occurrence was Saturday 24th around 15:20. and four other Boots since then.
I can see a Factory reset of the router on Wednesday

will review logs today

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On 11/3/2020 at 8:12 PM, Entilzha said:

Hi @Hsimah
We have a new firmware available, when would be a convenient time for you to deploy the firmware to your gateway ?

Dean Manners took me off of GO as I'm on a 1G FTTP service which isn't compatible with the Gen 2 modems.

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