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  1. Dean Manners took me off of GO as I'm on a 1G FTTP service which isn't compatible with the Gen 2 modems.
  2. I just liked using it for the adblock feature 😭 but yes can appreciate it 👍 love your work at the organisation Dean
  3. I don't see mention of having to be on a certain NBN plan for the eligibility criteria, does that mean I can use one of my Arcadyan routers to get GO on my 1000/50 service? As Dean Manners booted me off of GO as the plan I'm on isn't eligible with GO on Technicolor router due to bandwidth limitations.
  4. Just checking if Dean passed on to you what the issue was? If not I'm happy to communicate what was sent to me, privately.
  5. Getting kicked off of DumaOS as the 1Gig plan I'm on isn't supported, but I enjoyed using DumaOS while I had the opportunity to. Best of luck to everyone, hopefully chat in the future!
  6. Thank you all, I appreciate the assistance!
  7. Just for anyone watching, it has happened again - around the same time.
  8. It has just done it again, logs attached. Really great when you are working from home... considering it's now happened twice in a row this week I've done a factory reset on the device. Telstra.txt DumaOS.txt
  9. Restarted as lost wi-fi signal on all devices, so I went and checked the modem and saw it booting up. Nothing special happening, just working at home so the usual. Couldn't tell you how far apart.
  10. It's the second time i've lost internet during working hours, which is inconvenient when working from home. Have updated post to include more information.
  11. Seeking advice as to why my modem has restarted (for a second time in about two weeks). Product Vendor: Technicolor Product Name: Technicolor DJA0231 Software Version: 18.1.c Firmware Version: 18.1.c.0543-950-RA Logs attached. Telstra.txt DumaOS.txt
  12. Nah I'm on a DJA0231 however have some LH1000's that I'd be happy to test with DumaOS
  13. I'm using version 1.0.1 of the DumaOS app on Android and can login fine 👍 did you happen to change you LAN address range by any chance and that's why you cannot login as the app might be trying to find but it can't?
  14. Me again 😘 Open the Telstra GUI in a new page instead of in the DumaOS frame
  15. SP7 specs below. Screen: 12.3” PixelSense™ Display Resolution: 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI) Aspect ratio: 3:2
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