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  1. I’ve had to deactivate due to the CPU issue it was reading 80-90% on both cores reducing the interface responsiveness, bufferbloat was getting b and c rating in this revision whereas last firmware was A, this definitely appears to be a Telstra related firmware issue rather than a DumaOS one as issue can be replicated via dslreports speed test with DumaOS disabled. It seems to be affecting the downlink bufferbloat primarily. It might also be worth nothing that the speed setting which is set to the users plans speed might not be accurate for a lot of connection types for example when they introduced a overhead allowance on NBN a few months ago my connection can get around 10mbps higher than the advertised speed Model: Arcadyan LH1000 CPU Bufferbloat
  2. I've been using this for the past few days without any hiccups, pretty smooth! Encountered bugs: Constant high CPU usage Increased download bufferbloat (almost double from the last firmware, used to get a A rating now about a C) A couple of feature requests: Numerical figures on bars/graphs maybe on the labels for the 'total' figures to reduce having to hover over a section of a graph to view the 'Total Usage' of the network snapshot widget. e.g
  3. Hi I've been upgraded to 0.12.15r may I have DumaOS activated ARC2012959668
  4. Might also be helpful posting the Telstra Modem log too for the support team. Is your device variant an Arcadyan or Technicolor model and what is the current FW version?
  5. Hi Neo - same issue here may I please be upgraded to 0.12.15r first and then activated for the Beta? ARC2012959668
  6. Show longer CPU % history, maybe of past 30 minutes or so? It only seems to show from the exact moment the widget loads. (LH1000 Alpha Build) Is this the new beta build for the LH1000?
  7. Agreed it cuts off some of the pages in the Telstra GUI as it lacked scrolling
  8. LH1000 feature request (if technically possible, would love to know if it is if anybody knows please): ability for router to change channels (via auto mode) without disconnecting devices
  9. Nintendo Switch and Sony Android based TV's to be more specific, and I think maybe the Google Home Mini
  10. Perhaps using a free source such as https://www.wireshark.org/tools/oui-lookup.html
  11. After using the alpha, I’m really excited for the open beta (for the Arcadyan model) purely for the Adblock feature. Didn’t realise how many trackers are constantly sending data from devices when they aren’t even being used (thousands every few minutes). Did notice a few errors with the firmware of course being an alpha, some websites took a very long time to load and others were okay. Both CPU’s recorded a consistent 70-90% usage and couldn’t help wonder if it was related to the known 0.12.09r firmware bug with the constant health check log entries. Either way I’m super happy to be considered for the open beta thank you guys!
  12. Hi had a question regarding Telstra Game Optimiser, does it have the ability to show router RAM usage? How much RAM does the Arcadyan LH1000 model have?
  13. Fingers crossed something might be announced soon
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