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Connection issues on PS4 after installing XR500


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Hi guys.

I have VM350 which runs perfectly fine on everything else bar my PS4 lately.

Speedtest s as shown in the pics show I’m getting a constant 350+mbps but my PS4 will go from getting 250+ all the way down to 30mbps regularly.

It’s annoying in game because the connection drops cause lag spikes.

Is this sony limiting the service or what because it’s doing my nut in now lol.
I also use a Netgear XR500 router which is set up properly for Qos Etc.

Warzone is proper laggy for me but I see others on PS4 who look like their connection is fine.

Is this just me or everyone else?





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I can tell you the issue,SBMM, I have the xr500 , in blackout when I set my regions to search I would 90% of time get my server I wanted, with warzone it won’t happen, I’m on the east  coast ..... it puts me in Cali, and if I absolutely everything locked down, like no ping assist, no fast search, I can be waiting up to 15 minutes to find a game,next time  you play and get into a game check the ping in game by going to account in options menu, I bet you will be at crazy ping. The servers are broken if you play late afternoons and evening they get so bad

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The speed changes won't necessarily cause you lag spikes and as above the console speed tests can be quite inaccurate, does your speed stay consistent using speedtest.net on the PC? Your base ping is 23 so you're probably looking at 35-45 ping for gaming generally. It's highly likely the servers are under heavy load right now due to COVID etc so I'd recommend trying to force some different servers, even those slightly further away to see if they are more stable.

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