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  1. Hi, Yes, done all of the above and I do have an open NAT however I was wondering how I check that the ports are actually open. Do I do this from my laptop that is only connected via WiFi or?
  2. I swapped to the XR500 at the last minute and it is working great. Only thing I have noticed is that the Nat type does sometimes change so I’m not sure I am port forwarding correctly. is there an easy walk through of how to do this step by step and a way of checking they are open afterwards?
  3. Hi guys. I have VM350 which runs perfectly fine on everything else bar my PS4 lately. Speedtest s as shown in the pics show I’m getting a constant 350+mbps but my PS4 will go from getting 250+ all the way down to 30mbps regularly. It’s annoying in game because the connection drops cause lag spikes. Is this sony limiting the service or what because it’s doing my nut in now lol. I also use a Netgear XR500 router which is set up properly for Qos Etc. Warzone is proper laggy for me but I see others on PS4 who look like their connection is fine. Is this just me or everyone else?
  4. Fraser, Thanks for the quick reply. hopefully the router should be here on 18th May so I will look at doing this. I might need some help when it comes to it so will give you a shout!
  5. Hi guys, I’m new to this and have got an xr300 due for delivery soon. ive been experiencing bad lag on MW - warzone especially. im currently on virgin media 350mb and haven’t witnessed lag like this before. Granted lots more people are probably online because of the current situation but I want to get my connection the best it can be. i have read about the geo filtering etc however want to make sure all ports are forwarded for the best experience. could somebody help me with this or link me to the best ports to forward along with how I go about this in the xr300 dashboard please. i switch the Ethernet cable between my pc and PS4 so will this affect anything I am doing between swapping or are all settings saved? sorry if these are dumb questions, I’ve only ever use the standard router supplied by VM before so this is all new to me lol. Any help is appreciated!
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