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Think my Netduma is broken

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Hi, so i have had a netduma r1 for a very long time and no issues but all of a sudden i have logged into psn, loaded up warzone and apparently my servers are in America.
My friends apparently live in America (Which they live in the UK like me).
So i have to open up the geo filter fully to even connect to the online servers, then keep them open to find a game.
Once in a game i can literally be connecting to any server across the world with pings above 50 and they can some how fluctuate to 0 then straight back to 50 so im not getting a consistent ping.

I white list my friends but sometimes  load up a party and i cannot hear them due to nat type issues.
I have a Open Nat on game with Type 2 on PS4.


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The servers will be mislocated as otherwise you would be getting a much higher ping than 50ms so this is just an aesthetic issue we can fix. The fluctuations is likely due to the pandemic as services are experiencing much higher than normal load, a lot of people are reporting instability at the moment. You will need to add your friends to your allow list in order to chat with them, invite them to a private game, click on the icon that appears, put the quality to 100% then click update and you should be able to hear them from then on.

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