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How to find server locations?

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Hey all,

hope everyone had a great New Year!

When I see the IP address for the server pop up on who I’m connected to on the Geo Filter, how can I look up where it’s actually located? 

Also, if I’m just using the log screen, listing all the IP addresses I’m connecting to, how would I know which one I’m “currently” connected to? Is is the most recent UDP one?


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I usually use - as it gives you about 4 results from different IP databases so I think it's more accurate than just relying on 1 database. If 2 of them say the US and the other two say something else then it's probably the US. Do keep in mind they're not 100% definitive. https://www.iplocation.net/

I wouldn't use the logs, that'll show all the IP addresses connected to from any device on your network so would be really hard to determine which one is which. Best to go with the Geo-Filter method instead.

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