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DNS Unnamed Devices

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If this is a Mr Obvious answer to my question, please forgive.

Is there anyway to tell the XR500 to look at my DNS for internal name resolution. I have so many unnamed devices in the Device Manager Table.

If you do a NS lookup on my lan all PCs and devices can / will resolve to a name and are clearly in my DNS (Except Guests) which get placed on a different network. My PC's can all resolve the names etc with a simple lookup. I do not use the DHCP server on the router, but seems like a simple thing to have the router resolve the name via DNS internally. They only thing I have been able to do a 1 to 1 lookup and cut and paste into the name field and save in the device manager.

The lan setup side seems to really be lacking on features, under there I would think be an entey for DNS, if your not using "router as DHCP"

Turning on telnet and looking at /tmp/resolve.conf and auto they only seem to list upstream DNS servers.

Could we some add a few lines to dnsmasq.conf? I.E:

# Add other name servers here, with domain specs if they are for
# non-public domains.




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the /tmp dir gets overwritten/recreated on restart, so any changes in there you have to make again after a reboot.
not sure if /etc will do the same ...

i'm using the router as DNS w/google dns servers and this is what they contain:


# filter what we send upstream







---> you could try to recreate those 2 files and use your local nameservers in resolv.conf, if it doesn't work, just reboot and reset to what they were before changes.. (if they don't automatically do that) worst case, factory reset to restore everything

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