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  1. Appears I have some iot device trying to join relentlessness with bad credentials.
  2. Can anyone shed any light on what this might actually be? This MAC is not anything on our network internally, or statically on the cable modem: [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address dc:4f:22:5c:9a:18, Wednesday, April 29, 2020 22:29:02 [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 4c:11:ae:0f:e6:c6, Wednesday, April 29, 2020 22:29:01 [9:51 PM] [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 4c:11:ae:0f:e6:c6, Thursday, April 30, 2020 20:42:39 [DumaOS] config write 'com.netdumasoftware.devicemanager.database', Thursday, April 30, 2020 20:42:38
  3. Dumb Question, but we get any closer to 3.0 Beta or Alpha?
  4. After a reboot, the system information R-App will show it. Router TimeSat Mar 21 03:53:39 UTC 2020Board ModelXR700Firmware VersionV1.0.1.24DumaOS NameA7Legit I didn't see it till I rebooted the router for a second time. Meaning not counting the flashing of the device.
  5. The beta is working here, anxious for the release. I was having a few issues prior. So far, so good. I am excited for the future with this of router and what I see from possibilities mentioned in version 3. I love this router, I came from an XR500, this seems like the same thing on steroids. Happy to be patient for 3.0, I have full confidence in the Duma Folks. It is Netgear that that worries me ;-). Give 1.2.4 a try and make sure you do a reset after flashing, so far for me, it has been good and I have stable 180 down and 25 up, with working QOS. One thing I did do was change the FAN settings to increase cooling, so maybe not letting the system get so warm helps also, maybe not. Could all be coincidental.
  6. It appears I might be having a little luck, with some entries in DNSMASQ.conf Yeah it would be nice if it would resolve against or even the devices name.
  7. If this is a Mr Obvious answer to my question, please forgive. Is there anyway to tell the XR500 to look at my DNS for internal name resolution. I have so many unnamed devices in the Device Manager Table. If you do a NS lookup on my lan all PCs and devices can / will resolve to a name and are clearly in my DNS (Except Guests) which get placed on a different network. My PC's can all resolve the names etc with a simple lookup. I do not use the DHCP server on the router, but seems like a simple thing to have the router resolve the name via DNS internally. They only thing I have been able to do a 1 to 1 lookup and cut and paste into the name field and save in the device manager. The lan setup side seems to really be lacking on features, under there I would think be an entey for DNS, if your not using "router as DHCP" Turning on telnet and looking at /tmp/resolve.conf and auto they only seem to list upstream DNS servers. Could we some add a few lines to dnsmasq.conf? I.E: # Add other name servers here, with domain specs if they are for # non-public domains. #server=/lan/ ? Brett
  8. I will do that, I have to much configured ATM and really don't have the time to factory reset everything and start over. I will do backup and reset maybe this weekend, ATM its working other than the above so I will leave it alone till I can tolerate being down without affecting work and online classes.
  9. My router now looks like this no matter what PC login in from. Cookies cleared etc... White screen as well this AM, after the reboot. Not sure what the heck all these Unnamed are now.
  10. Is there an easy way to clear "ALL" unknown devices that are offline, other than 1 by 1. Can I telnet in someplace and clear a CACHE etc... I have gotten most things labeled, and the only way I have found to clear is 1 by 1, click name, click x, scroll again and repeat. Or Flash the firmware or factory rest, not something I would like to do every few months. Brett
  11. No problem, just curious. Been fine here since I moved everything to a smart switch and then to the XR500.
  12. sharpz44, you need take this that to netgears forums, call them, post it there and see what happens. This is their router not Duma. Good luck with ASUS, thierX6s wasn't terrible but plagued at first. The released it to early.
  13. Thanks for all you do Alex, so far so good here. I just took everything out the router and placed into a 18 port smart-switch, switch then to router. Every thing seems to be working great. Only 1 lockup in 7 months now, not bad. Never got that from other WRT Major vendor I had. Running the latest firmware as well. The one thing that made difference, was doing a factory rest after the firmware update. 15 minutes later, Overwatch is perfect, discord good. I use QOS but not buffer bloat though. So far havent need it. Along with my MTU set to 1472, that seem to help on ping times a bunch with comcast. We had a small 3 users Sea Of Thieves lan party here last week and was perfect. I am sure stuff needs fixed, but I have better luck with this router then other 500 dollar one I tried.
  14. DHCP from something like Pie-hole works great, and XR500 QOS etc works fine. The XR500 resolves the names correctly etc as long as point DNS to the pi-hole. I have three pi-hole servers running. One of the greatest free tools out there. Next to wire-shark 😉 1. The main that runs DHCP and all the pie-hole filters etc (runs on a $35 raspberrypi) 2. The second just does DNS filtering etc. runs on vmware ESXI (free version on older I7 16gig bog) 3. Setup like #1, but DHCP off. (Basically a backup) runs on VMware esxi as well All three pie holes are listed as my DNS servers in XR500 - 4. Works really well, and you get some great DHCP options. More than you will ever get from net-gear. Nice stats too, helps watch who is to chatty. I am still with you though on limited DHCP.
  15. Settings Setup Wan Setup 1472 seems to work best here with comcast.
  16. I have not had not time to move over everything, but this is what my dashboard looks like when it locks. I was the only one on the internet and it froze. The blue lines move, but the internet light is solid. What are the chances the DUMA software will run on its own in a VM? I.E. be happy to buy a license and run a VM as a router and throw this darn thing out literately and go back to my X6 for the WiFi and DUMA for a router?
  17. Wish I could make this a pure DumaOS. It has become a real pain since I bought it. A lot of cash for the trouble so far.
  18. Be little bit of pain, as my son does night classes from his room to college. What I could do is turn on my other router back on (Nighthawk X6S) and move the house back to it sort of for awhile and just leave my PC and My sons PC on the duma router. That way I can keep the baby monitor running etc during the night. I don't think I could ever make sure nothing was going thru it otherwise. The Duma Router was bought for My PC and His anyway to balance out the bandwidth and help my work at home experience when I do that. Which it has done ;-). It just decides to freeze every now and then, which is a first for me and NetGear. This might not happen till the weekend, as it will take a small bit of time etc.. But I rather do that, than kill everything at night as crazy as it sounds. Id rather not power off the vmware server each night as well. So I might leave it, its to much of a pain to disable the nic etc... When it did lock the following was macines in where in the logs prior. VMWARE ESXI host Ubuntu 1 & 2 Hosts <-have pihole on them My desktop Baby Monitor Wife's Laptop She stated it had worked fine all day, they walked away to make to make coffee, came back and internet was down. Upon logging in, it appeared only outbound traffic was traversing according to the dashboard. Multiple blue bars ;-), no red bar traffic at all. When I got home from work, the web interface etc would not respond, but the NIC did respond to a ping. I should have ran a wireshark, but didnt think about at it at the time. Reboot fixed it though. Brett
  19. Yeah with 35 some devices, I am sure some are connected all night. Nothing major or heavy. 7.1 Sound Receiver, Sony Bluray, Plex Media Server and I see my two QNAP NAS servers in the log at night. Most of those are probably just checking in for software updates etc... My ESXI vmware server is up 100% of the time with a few VMs on it. Ubuntu machines running piehole and a domain controller. Again though nothing heavy, when I can't sleep and just poke around in the wee hours of the morning I see nothing happening but a few packets here or there, more DNS than anything else. Most are WiFi devices that I am sure never go totally off, iphones, ipads, android tablets or the like. I don't think anything triggered it per say, As this last time it locked it up during day when no one was home.
  20. It and two switches run into a 600VA APC ups and that is it, from that to wall. The switches are managed switches HP and Tp-Link. They seem stable going into the APC, never have any issues and the web interface to them are always up, vlans stay up etc.... I could remove it from the APC and go direct, but hesitate too as its an expensive router to have unprotected, especially during storm season here. APC unit is only at 35% typically according to its read out and 38% when I test it by pulling the plug, so no load there and its fairly new. Within 18 months.
  21. No consoles, well there is an old xbox but its off. If we have some Nintendo switches, but they are connected via wifi if that matters. They were not in use, it was hard locked when we woke in the morning.
  22. Made it 3.5 weeks and just hard locked. So its better, but just become unresponsive to ping and no web admin. Had to power down and back on.
  23. So far so good on lockups, but login now after 6 days or so I get "This R-App is not loaded yet, please try in a minute".... Numerous attempts fail to get the Dashboard to paint, a reboot seems to fix it. Brett
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