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XR500 not connected to inter net after power loss or reboot

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33 minutes ago, Netduma Alex said:

Sounds like it's losing it's connection to the modem. In the Network Settings > WAN panel, have you set up Static IP or anything? If so, this may be causing issues.

What's static tho? 


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1 hour ago, fliptemprr said:

Do i just pick a random one or like my PC or sth like that 

If you're setting a static IP for your WAN connection, you should probably go to System Information and copy the WAN IP that's listed there, then put that in as your static IP.

Subnet mask should be

Gateway IP should be the address of your modem... It's probably the same as your WAN IP but the number after the third dot is 1

If you want to set manual DNS, i'd do and - the third one can be your gateway IP again

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