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Set ups for ground war


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4 hours ago, bagsta69 said:

Anybody got any tips or set ups for ground war, never really played it and could do with some advice and tips to get one of the challenges done. 

Which challenge you going for?

I play a lot of ground war so I have a few classes set up for capping flags, going for streaks and general dirtiness.

Also, which guns have you got ranked up? Not much point in me suggesting a setup for a gun you've got no attachments for.

If it helps, I've ranked up these:
M4, Kilo, Famas (FR556), MP5, MP7, Bizon, HDR.
And to a lesser extent, the SA80, P90, AUG, Kar98.

If you just want to know the other stuff, I usually run...
Cold Blooded + Ghost + Shrapnel.
2x Thermite for trashing tanks + Stim.
Tac Insert + Trophy.

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On 11/19/2019 at 1:44 PM, bagsta69 said:

got the M4, Kilo and MP5 ranked up a fair way. Need to cap a load of flags in ground war. 

Im up to level 40

You can run with anything really, you just need to get to the first two flags at the start of each match and you'll have that done in no time. Most I get in a match, playing with a team of good OBJ players, is about 8 caps.

The other thing you can do, to get an extra couple of flags each match, is go for the furthest enemy flag (with a friend to cap it faster). Once the match is really underway, people are mostly in the middle, you can take the far enemy flag quite easily a lot of the time.

Cold Blooded will help because the VTOL won't see you. I think it hides your name from snipers too but I'm not certain. The perk that lets you run further will probably help too.

My two favoured setups in ground war are:
M4: Monolithic suppressor (or FFS 12.4 Predator barrel), 50 round mag, Singuard Stock (or Forge TAC CQS), Merc or Commando grip (or Stippled Grip Tape), Sleight of hand. If I want to use a sight then I drop sleight of hand.
Any launcher.
Cold Blooded / Ghost /Shrapnel
Claymore (or Thermite if I want to take out tanks)
Stim / Smoke

MP5: Subsonic Integral Suppressor, 45 round mag, FFS CQC Stock (or FTAC Collapsible), Sleight of hand, Stippled Grip Tape.
Everything else same as above.

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