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I want the oldest firmware I can get

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I would like the oldest firmware that's available.

I have to be honest, I'm kinda pissed with how cagey the company seems to be with it's tech. Like, no you can't have api support, no you can't have shell/telnet access, no you can't even have fricking downloads!!! This was not a cheap piece of gear, and it's not amusing how limited support feels. I shouldn't have to come to the forums to beg and plead for things. You dig through the forums and I find things like "I pm'd you" and its a whole thread of that. Why the aversion to a simple directory listing with firmware in it? It's very easy. I'd host it for you for free if that's a concern.

In any case, I need the oldest firmware you have for the netduma r1 router.

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The reason we don't have a public list of firmware versions is because the R1's version of DumaOS is still in beta. We want to make sure that only people who have signed up to the beta can access the downloads.

We don't give SSH/telnet access because our software is proprietary, and giving more access would make it easier for competitors to steal our features.

Why do you want the oldest available version? Are you having problems with the current one?

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@Netduma Alex Because there's a high probability that it's going to have security flaws so I can break into it. You guys haven't released anything in 2 years so far as I can tell. You get post after post about things not working with little to no resolution. This is a professional company? It's pretty absurd the way this works.

If I recall I read somewhere youre based on ddwrt or one of its variants which means you're based on GPL software and are supposed to release your code anyways.

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We're not based on DD-WRT, we're based on OpenWRT, and the license allows us the freedom to build upon it for profit without any share-alike clauses.

We've been working hard for the last two years, but admittedly mainly on Netgear products. I would agree that the R1 is overdue an update.

On a possibly related note: keep your eyes locked to our social media for a big announcement today.

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