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My NAT Type stays moderate, i want it open


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Hello everyone, i have had tried to get my nat type open but i cannot get it work.

my current devices is

BGW210(att fiber)


status now

on my bgw210 i tried through firewall-IP alocation made it OFF(as recommended by att in order to make xr500 works)

then i tried made it passthrough to xr500.

in xr500 i tried to port forward (3074 udp) to my ps4(geo filter disabled)

i restart and rest all devices and still same.

please help to get this resolve, im playing modern warfare on ps4 pro.

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Welcome to the forums!

The first test I think we should do is to put the PS4 into the DMZ of the XR500. By doing this, we can figure out if it's a problem with the XR500 configuration or the modem configuration.


  • So, find out what your PS4's IP address is. You can do this in the Device Manager in DumaOS or just go to Network Info on your PS4.
  • Now on DumaOS, go to Settings > LAN Setup, click Add at the bottom and choose your PS4 from the list, press Add. This will lock the IP address in.
  • Now on DumaOS, go to Settings > WAN Setup, tick the Default DMZ Server box and put the PS4's address into the field.
  • Now restart the router, restart the PS4, open CoD and see if your NAT type is open.


If it's open, then it's a router config problem. If it's still closed/moderate, then it's a modem config problem... Probably...

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