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Wireless repeating with my R7000.

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I'm trying to setup my old R7000 as a wireless repeater with my XR700 and it seems to be failing. I follow every step on how to configure my nighthawk as a repeater and when I'm done and hit apply, the router reboots and I can never connect back to it, unless I reset. Is it possible to set up another router as a repeater with the XR700? If it is, I must be missing a step.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi From what I know of routers as a repeater once you set it to a repeater mode you can only access it by a reset. Try accessing it via the ip address it gets from the XR700 but I am almost certain you can't. An AP mode would be the best option if possible. 

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Normally in most cases when you set a router into this mode it will tell you an IP that you can access it from, it is usually something like or an IP like that so that. You could try using an IP scanner which should reveal local IP addresses that your device can see. Then you can try these IPs for access to the repeater router.

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