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I have a question, is it normal that when I turn on the download on my son's console, I cut TV, and, for example, when two consoles are turned on and on one download you can watch movies on the PC because it buffers, I add that the sliders are at 70, settings xr500 original according to the guide, internet sped up 47mb down 12, maybe some suggestions

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Firstly, turn Anti-Bufferbloat to Always.

In QoS, under Traffic Prioritization, untick DumaOS Classified Games and delete any rules you've added.

Now, on the Bandwidth Allocation flower, put the TV and the computer to 50% each, leaving everything else at 0%.

Now start a download on the console, and see if you can stream a video. If you can't, turn down the sliders by 10%. Keep turning down by 10% until the video becomes watchable, and then this is the case, start turning them up by 5%. Eventually with enough minor adjustments you should get the perfect level.

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