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Netduma R1 Setup Assistance


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Hey Everyone, I stopped gaming for a while due to working hours plus I just moved into a new home. Now I need assistance on setting up my R1 Router, just want to make sure I have got the basics out of the way.

My current setup

Home Location: London

Filter Mode:ON

Geo Filter :ON

Distance 1000km

Ping Assist: 0

Fast search: OFF

QOS 70/70


This currently what I use, is this the best optimal settings for Call of duty Blackops 4? I mostly play FPS games/competitive games and last what are my chances of connecting Dedicated servers rather than Host?



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I do find games thou no issues finding games, I read on the knowledge base. I could center my location in the ocean use the smallest radius and set ping to 30m is this best practice to get stable gameplay?

also if I do choose to place my home location marker in USA for an example does that mean I play on USA servers?( Never tried this just curious)



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I would say that your settings at the moment are actually fine, just ensure strict mode is on. We usually use 1000km to test ourselves and being in the UK we haven't found an issue with that setting. You could do that yes but with a server likely in London the radius method should work fine. Yes if your settings were right you could force a US server that way but the connection would be worse.

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