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West Coast Servers


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I haven't been able to play a game that isn't hosted by one of the dedicated servers in that Seattle area.  Seems like if I turn my ping assist off...or down to zero... that I won't be able to get a game unless I put my geofilter large enough to cover those West Coast Servers. 


Anyone else having trouble with this?  I don't wanna connect to those, but it seems like I have no choice.  FYI, I live in Wisconsin. 


Is there anything I can do?  Thanks. 

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So you probobly know that already but the fact is that AW RUNS ON DEDIS 99% of the time.


Now knowing that you have some options. You cant aviod playing on dedis at all. But you cany jugle betwen them.


Like a friend say above you can change you home location or using geo range you can exlude or inclide different deids. Its important to keep strict mode on and ping assist to zero. Also that my extand you waiting time for a game.


Also is sugested to keep a bleeding age cloud option ticked. To get the most up to date geo map.

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