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  1. Butcher...I have the same issue with my Xbox X and haven't figured it out yet. I gave up trying actually as I felt like I tried almost everything. If you figure this out I'll be curious to try so let me know. One thing I did notice is that every time I reboot my router and modem...the first time on after that everything is Open Nat finally...but then the next time I turn on my console and from then on it'll be back to Moderate in game. So I'm curious if you figure it out.
  2. Well, still says moderate in game with doing all that. I'm gonna test unplugging the PS3 next...that's my last guess. Cause it may be in standby mode that's causing the Nat to be weird. Does it make sense that standby mode would make the Duma device manager still think it's turned on when it's turned off?
  3. Ok cool. So I will disable UPNP and save, and then restart my modem and routers and might as well unplug the ps3 too and xbox. I will reboot/hardstart everything. Then see what happens. It will take a day or so, because it usually works the first time I restart those. I will report back then. Thanks
  4. Fraser...you mean hard turn the PS3 off right? As far as I know there isn't an instant on option in the PS3...just on or off. Or are you talking about the UPNP?
  5. Big Dog...I have/had a topic in the Duma OS for R1 thread that was titled "A few (probably easy) questions" where I had a list of questions when I first switched to Duma OS... and I asked about having both port forwarding and UPNP enabled and the response I got from the Netduma Admin was.... "You can still keep UPNP on. It can pick up any other ports you might have missed. " So I have kept it on as that's what I was told. Maybe Fraser will chime in.... I have a suspicion that it may have something to do with the PS3 that's on my network as well. My wife watches netflix and hulu on there...wirelessly. And in my device manager it's always showing the PS3 as on...even when it's turned off. That's just a guess though...could be way off.
  6. I haven't been using the Geo-Filter...so that's not it either. Not a big deal of course, but weird.
  7. Hey Fraser...I just tried with the connection test and nat test on the console first like you said....still says Moderate in game...Open on console.
  8. My setup is Arris Surfboard Modem...R1 Duma OS with Wifi turned off...and Nighthawk router in AP mode to handle the wireless. I game on Xbox One X wired. Console always has Open Nat, but in game on BO4 it shows Moderate. When I restart my modem and router...that first time I play the in game NAT finally says Open and will stay Open until I am done playing that day. But then the next time I turn on my Xbox and from then on it will turn back to Moderate in game...until I restart modem and router again. Again the console NAT is always Open no matter what. What do you think would cause this? I'm not having any real issues...I use Port Forwarding and have UPNP turned on. Turning UPNP off doesn't make a difference. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the quick response to all my questions!
  10. Hi, I have a few settings questions that I wanted to run by you guys. I tried to search them as best as I could...some are sorta specific to my setup. So I use 2 routers...The R1 for wired and then a Nighthawk for my wireless. I have my PC and Xbox One X wired...everything else is wireless. I play PUBG and BO4 on my Xbox One X...nothing else. 1. For the Geo Filter, I added my Xbox as a device. Should I always keep it in Filtering Mode...or should I turn that on and off each time I'm gaming? 2. What does it do and when/how often should I flush the Cloud? 3. Anti Buffer...Should I keep it in the "when high priority traffic detected" mode all the time...or only when I'm gaming? 4. Prior to the OS update I turned off the "wifi" section as I use the Nighthawk for that. I should turn wifi off again on R1 OS again right? 5. I use Port Forwarding and I added all the ports...so I should turn off UPNP correct? 6. On my xbox I created a static IP address. So on the R1 under the LAN DHCP setting, I have that enabled, and I checkmarked the Reserve IP address for Xbox One and put the last 3 digits of the IP address in. Correct? 7. Device manager...What device type should I select for the Nighthawk Router? 8. I also have a PS3 that my wife uses for Netflix/Hulu and stuff, but not gaming. For some reason that is showing up on the device manager even when turned off, and it has 3 IP address. Is that normal? Also...since we don't game on the PS3...should I still select "Playstation" as the device type? That's all I have for now. Sorry for the list but I assume these questions will be quite simple for you. Thanks in advance! Fazor
  11. Not sure anyone else has this problem, but curious if there is a fix or possible reason. When I play solo, in the beginning of the match I get in right away...usually no spectating. But when I am in a party with my brother...who lives only 15 minutes away...I end up spectating for 15-30 seconds of the game before I get let in. Any reason why this might be? It happens to me only, not him...and doesn't matter who is the party leader. Sometimes I do get in early...but most of the time I'm spectating. So it's not 100%. What changes? I don't get it.
  12. Fazor

    NAT Changes

    Ok mosvalve... So I put the last 3 digits in there. That was easy enough I will keep you all posted if the NAT changes again. I hope this solves the problem. Thank you all!
  13. Fazor

    NAT Changes

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I will take a look at this after work today. I know I did not put a static IP via the DHCP lease on the Duma...so that is what I'll start with. I hope I can figure out what to put in that section...do I make one up or copy the one from the Xbox Network setting page?
  14. Fazor

    NAT Changes

    Bagsta...the reason I asked was because I believe I've done this before on my Xbox one...so I was wondering how to check that. Maybe things changed when I added my nighthawk router in AP mode...but I don't know why it would change. I was messing around with it last night and it's also asking me for a IPV4 address...wasn't sure what to put there as the website I was following didn't have that part. Fraser...I didn't understand what you were asking.
  15. Fazor

    NAT Changes

    Ok, this might be a dumb question...but how do I know if I already have a static IP address?
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