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XR500 latency issues

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I have been talking to the Duma twitter about this and it was suggested I post about my issue here. I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

I bought the XR500, had it just about a year and I only use it for the geo filter. It's set up that R6 Siege, Fortnite and WoW have no issues connecting. Recently I started getting latency and packet loss issues in R6 and Fortnite, these games have tools and icons to let you know this is happening, WoW couldn't get to character selection and web pages, in general, take longer to load. I've deleted my PC from the devices, put it back in, made sure the router is up-to-date (updated today), I run on a BT Hub 6 and in or out of the DMZ makes no difference.

All these issues are solved just by not using the XR500 and to be sure I even had a new hub supplied by BT which I tested this morning and the results are the same.

If anyone could help that would be great


Update: Since updating the firmware I get a message whenever I load the XR500 dashboard - Reference Error: start cycle is not defined 

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