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Allow players not working visually.

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So I had 2 players that I added to the allow list but it left their icon on map as just players without the circle around it. It still allowed them in games but occasionally a blocked player icon would appear behind them. So it worked but took longer than it could have to matchmake. It says it waits 2mins after a match ends for them to be allowed. Does this include party chat on ps4. E.g.. If i allow then party chat should they leave wait 2 min s then rejoin?

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Once you've manually allowed the players, the next time they appear on the geo-filter they should have a circle around them. It won't appear instantly.

The waiting for two minutes rule is essentially there because it can only block or allow connections which are attempted after the fact. We can't block an existing connection because of the potential for that to be abused for cheating.

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I have been looking for a solution but cant find one on the forum.

I had a long list in my Allow Deny. But had to delete it and start again. But it didnt solve it.


I have friends whitelisted but the next day they are blocked. I click on there icon and it even shows the one i had saved. So not an ip change. Or whatever could have cause it!

Is there a solution or is it just broken on the R1(dumaos)?

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