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I need help setting up VPN Dedicated IP

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Hey I need some help with connecting my PS4 to PureVPN I have the dedicated ip address I have try to put the hostname into the advanced settings config but that just gave me an error can anybody help me.

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So you're trying to use Hybrid VPN with your PS4? You should just have to do the following:

  • Copy the OpenVPN file into the Advanced tab of Hybrid VPN
  • Once the VPN is added, add your PS4 using the window to the right
  • Once the PS4 is added, it will be greyed out, this is NORMAL because all traffic for games consoles is automatically included
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39 minutes ago, stvbdkd said:

thanks what about if I have my own dedicated ip and server through pureVPN sorry for the confuse.

I assume you can remote the address on the remote line and replace it with yours, otherwise I would suggest you open a ticket with PureVPN

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