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How To Get Two Open Nat Types on Two PS4s

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Good Day Netduma Team

I have my PS4 wired up to the R1 with an open Nat Type. I recently wired up my brothers PS4 Pro to the R1, but it has a moderate NAT Type. How do I get both PlayStations to have an Open Nat in game?

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You will need to utilize port forward as well as port translations and hope it works.  So for ps4 you'd try and external port of 3174 to internal 3074 for ps4#1 and say 3175 for internal 3074, same for all ports required.  As such try 9401 external to 9308 internal for ps4#1 and 9402 external to 9308  internal for ps4#2....  There is a checkbox to allow for changes of these soemthing along the lines of "use same port range/number for internal."  I believe for 3478-3480 you will be fine as it's a range but you can always use the external higher range to internal exact port or range.  So external 3578-3580 tcp to internal 3478-3480 tcp for ps4#1 and say exteranl 3581-3583 tcp to internal 3478-3480 tcp etc .....  If you try to do this. Turn OFF UPnP, reboot. Also, try and make translation rules for each port needed for your game as well as for the PS4s.   Good Luck!

 PS4 and CoD TCP 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480, 9308, 3074 & UDP 3478-3479, 3074, 9308

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Personally fixed this issue setting up a secondary router to my first and connected the secondary playstation to that one while leaving the first playstation connected to the main router

I originally had 1 playstation reading nat type 3 (strict) and one reading nat type 2 (moderate) but now they are both type 1 (open) 

I am sure there are other solutions that may work but I tried multiple ones and until i did the split was unsuccessful with any other ideas I could find online. 

Truly hope this helps anyone else with the same issue :)

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