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  1. Good Day Netduma Army. I was setting up my R2 when I reached this part of the process. I decided to change my password to the SSID. I then immediately lost connection to the network after I clicked "Submit". Is there any way to connect back to the network?
  2. Hello Netduma army, the factory reset button was pressed on my R1 and now I can't access the WiFi on my laptop. When I try to access the network from my laptop it states that I need a network security key.
  3. Ok Roger that, I'll go ahead and start doing some trial and error. Thanks!
  4. Good Day Netduma Army, when I have an issue with sorting something out you guys always seem to give the best advice. I live in the U.S and I recently purchased NordVPN for about $10 a month with the hopes of watching Netflix with my girlfriend who lives in Canada. I set up the Hybrid VPN on the Netduma and everything seemed to go well. I got my Canadian server hooked up and I'm ready to go. However, when I go to watch something a notice comes up stating, "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy." Does anybody have any ideas on how to bypass this so I can go ahead and watch some Canadian Netflix?
  5. Good Day Netduma Team I have my PS4 wired up to the R1 with an open Nat Type. I recently wired up my brothers PS4 Pro to the R1, but it has a moderate NAT Type. How do I get both PlayStations to have an Open Nat in game?
  6. Thank you for the information. I'm going to be collecting more information for my case, so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. Keep up the good work 💪
  7. In the meantime, can you please explain to me these screenshots. Thank you for the fast replies!
  8. This is very interesting. I don't use the R1 for Apex Legends or any other game aside from BO4 on the PS4. I will try to provide more evidence to support my case.
  9. Dope 👌 I hope you guys find the issue. Good Luck!
  10. Hello Fraser Yes, It shows the name I gave it when I denied it previously. I always force the New Jersey servers and when I deny them It looks like this "New Jersey 1D" "New Jersey 2D" New Jersey 3D" etc. I go up in numbers and the "D" means Deny.
  11. I am being connected to servers with the same ID of a server that's already being blocked.
  12. I'm using the R1 and my firmware is I'm aware of the anti cheating feature. When I join a lobby, the servers that I connect to are servers that I denied days, maybe weeks ago.
  13. Is this acceptable? Black Ops 4, 476b30fb08e6b1b6, 13, New Jersey, New Jersey It is Peer hosted which is why I'm reporting it.
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