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  1. Haven’t been active for awhile but after alot of testing. I don’t know what too say about call of duty . its a weird game. I have tried diffrent routers, played on diffrent consoles, monitors etc. What I can say. I prefer to play without prio. The prio makes you feel heavy and aim assist is more sticky. Without prio you feel more lightweight and the aim assist is not as sticky. (hard to explain) but it feels better without prio. Also playing on low / high bandwith is a diffrent, even on what player you play against and what server you play on. I remember back in the days when I played mw3 on ADSL on Xbox 360 8mbit, the game feels great and smooth, and when I upgraded my internet to 24mbit I played worse. These cod games play better on lower connection for sure. Having high speed connection is disadvantage. Dosn’t matter if your ping is still good and having high speed internet connection, for some reason the guy with lower speed will still see you first and kill you instant.
  2. https://charlieintel.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-may-10-update-prop-hunt-xbox-one-pc-and-more/54063/
  3. Not havin that issue on Xbox. They fixed it a lil bit on Xbox I think.
  4. Best equipment won’t help, cod lag will always be there for some reason. Havin’ a 1ms monitor with around 5ms input lag won’t save you if your bullets ain’t connection.
  5. The worlds most expensive router in the world wont save your issues if you play on a bad line. Its true, I have played on Cable before, it was terrible when it got overloaded, lots of ping spikes and high ping at weekends. ADSL back in the days worked great if you lived closed to the server. Now I have fiber, base ping is 1. Its an huge diffrence tbh, hit markers on point, barely any bufferbloat, low ping, no ping spikes and I have played over 150 games and I experienced only 2 games that was bs. What you need is Good Quality of your Connection + QOS and you will be a god! Test your connection at http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest when you ping at the same time. Check if your bufferbloat is A+ to get best multiplayer experience. Also check if their is any ping spikes while you doing the test. How to ping? Open CMD type ”ping -t” then enter.
  6. All these setups are bs. It wont get your connection better. Its all about the the quality of your line.
  7. Just wanted to share my tip if you going to search without geo-filter. You don’t need to cancel the search but remember the ping of the server might be higher then expected. When it says expanding search 3-4 times the risk is it might put on 110ms lobby or higher.
  8. According your picture you had 1 spike. So its ok. It happends. You can try your connection by opening CMD and type "ping -t" then enter.
  9. I can give you guys a tip how to find good lobbys without geo-filter. When you start searching it tries to find low ping lobbys at first. If no lobbys found, the search will say "expanding search" and with that mean you can connect to a higher ping lobby. Example how it works for me. If I find a lobby at first try the connection might be 30ms. If it says Expanding search and I find a lobby connection might be 40ms.
  10. I have written here that my experience is much better with the older firmware (R1). I swear its something thats not right with the xr500 with DumaOS. The QoS is good on the XR500 but its not good for gaming. I almost had it for 1 year and I gave up. I sold the XR500 to my friend and he said his base ping and bufferbloat was lower on the R1. I have tried following the guides, written on the forums and tried alot of diffrent settings nothing seems to help. I cant get the XR500 with DumaOS to work. I think it would work better with the older firmware and with the same QOS modul in the older one.
  11. Short answer. Yes. Stable connection looks like this.
  12. I had these issues when I played on Cable. Cable is shit, I watched a Youtube video how it works and its horrible. I had lots of jitter and lag spikes when everyone was using the network at the same time in my location.
  13. Im using fiber, cat7 cables, having base ping 1-2 ms. The QOS is stable when Im testing it and 30-40 ms lobbys are working fine on the Xbox one x.
  14. What console your on? When I played on Ps4 i had better gaming experience on the 50ms server then 40ms. I live in Sweden so the distance depends on higher base ping according dslreports. The servers are located in uk, germany and holland. When I do speedtest in my country I have around 1ms.
  15. My results with OpenWrt Results are better then Dumas. But for some reason the game plays much better on PC and Xbox.
  16. I dont think the filter and the ping assist will help you. I have tried all these steps and it didnt work. I found a solution for this and it was to change console. I played alot on the PS4 and had issues with hit markers and lag. Tried the 70/70, trying PA and Geo-filter. It worked but only sometimes. So when I moved to my new appartment I tried Bo4 on my new PC and it was amazing. My bullets connected instantly. Having around 38-42 ping is amazing! So when I tried to play on the Ps4 my bullets barely connected. I had around 40-50 ping and it was horrible. I had such an bad gaming experience and raged to much so I stopped playing and I sold the ps4 and bought an xbox one x instead. (I wanted to give it a try.) I can say my ping is now around 30-40 and my bullets are connecting. Me and my friend had alot of issues when we were playing on the ps4. I think its someting with the Psn servers that sucks. And btw I live in EU. (Sweden)
  17. When I moved to my new appartment I tried Bo4 on my new PC and their is a diffrence. My connection was around 38-42 ping and bullet connected instantly. When I was playing on my PS4 I had around 40-50 ms ping. My bullets barely connect on 40 or even 50 ping so I switched to the Xbox One and my ping is now around 30-40 and my bullets connect instantly. I can even play on 110 ms server and the bullets connect with some lag. I dont know if its my Ps4 or the Psn Black Ops 4 servers. The game works great on PC and Xbox anyway.
  18. Yeah but I didnt like it very much tbh. I played it on Xbox One and when I reached Master Prestige I stopped. I prefer Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 4.
  19. What’s the diffrence between pinging with pingplotter or cmd ? I always checking my ping with cmd ”ping -t” ? 😛
  20. What a sexy camo you got and holy that gun melts! Gotta try it! 😎
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