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Kicked out after every match of Apex

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So i played a whole time with the old R1 and geo filter disabled on Apex legends since it came out. Now 3 days ago i saw that geo filter works with Apex so i decided to give it a try and also download the DumoOS.

But now after every match i get an error from disconnection. Then when want to go back in the game it says unable to acces ea servers like 3 or 4 times. I need to restart my game and then i can play again. This is with friends but this is also solo with no friends. It’s getting frustrating.

geo is strict on, ping assist 0, location on my home belgium and radius 980 kilometers.

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After 4-5 successful blocks on your Geo-Filter the game unfortunately assumes you have a network problem so forces a restart. 

There are two ways to reduce this:

- make your filter cover your region e.g. EU. This way you’ll only block the game from giving you servers in the US which won’t happen as frequently

- If you just want a single server, boot the game up just covering that server with your filter. Then switch to spectating mode so the filter is disabled once the game is fully booted. After that you should mostly get that server, but when you don’t, exit the pre-game lobby as quickly as you can if the server is not the one you want. 

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You can also just turn off geo and choose the best server by ping and region, just wait two minutes at the Apex title screen then go into and exit accessibility settings.  On console you then push in your right stick, on pc it should prompt you what to push then choose from every server across the globe.  I’ll verify the pc key when I get a few to log into apex on my pc as I play more often on PS4,  I’m just used to controller and cheaters aren’t everywhere.  

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