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Real Access Control

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I was disappointed to find that the NetDuma R1 DumaOS doesn't seam to have any sort of real access control for children/devices as implied on the https://www.dumaos.com/ page.

"Your children are spending too much time online, exposed to content beyond their years. But you have no hassle-free way to prevent this"

All I can do is manually block a device and I then have to manually unblock it. Its the same hassle as physically taking away their ipads and then giving them back.

Where is the content control bit? I know I can use third-party DNS but that takes seconds to circumvent and all routers support that anyway.

Am I missing something?


I ideally a timed access control would be a nice feature to add. So, for example, I can set a device (childs ipad) to have no internet access from 11:00pm to 7:00am sun-thu and 00:30-7:00am fri-sat.



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This is a feature we're keen to look into in the future. Right now, as you say, you can block devices in the device manager. The DumaOS website is more a demonstration of our ambition for the software.

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Ok, I understand, it is free and in beta, so no worries. Hopefully, its a feature that makes it in the future as the DumaOs is perfect for parents who want to create a good gaming environment for their children (and themselves) as well as very good network congestion control so they themselves have a good connection while the children eat up all the bandwidth. And with teenage children, the ability to block internet access automatically at set times at night is very nice if you want to go to bed yourself and not argue with them. 

If it makes it into the OS, then it would be nice to allow unrestricted access to the Geo Ping stuff so they can set that up themselves, while password locking out other areas such as the  device restrictions and other important settings. Not sure if that is possible, but just an idea.

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I think it will come, it's something that has been requested a few times in one form or another so we know the demand is there and a lot of our customers have children so we know it'd be a very useful feature to implement. That's a good idea, thanks!

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